Third-time repeat

Permission is required if you need to enrol in the same course for a third time. You can enrol into a course for a second time through Student Services Online.

Please note:

  • If you are repeating a course, you will need to pay course fees as normal
  • Passing a course on a second or third sitting does not 'cancel' any fail or DNS grade achieved previously
  • You are not able to re-enrol into a course that you have previously passed (except in exceptional circumstances when this may be allowed for a Certificate of Proficiency and the course cannot be used for any other programme)

Third enrolment

To enrol in a course for the third time, you will need to get permission. You will need to apply for a concession if there are no viable alternatives to complete your programme. 

You can apply online though the enrolment concession process. For more information, please visit How to apply for an enrolment concession.

You may be asked to see your course coordinator, the Head of Department or Programme Adviser in person to discuss your previous attempts at the course.

Your request to repeat the course will then be considered, and you will be notified of the decision by email.

Departments/Faculties may require students to pass a semester of courses before considering approval for enrolment into a course where the student has enrolled twice without passing.

Faculties will only approve enrolment for a third time if they are satisfied with your ability to pass the course.

Third-time repeat enrolment for Business students

Students studying an undergraduate programme under the Faculty of Business and Economics can apply for a third-time repeat of a course by filling out the Third-time repeat application form.

Your application form will be sent to the Faculty of Business for a Programme adviser to review. You will be contacted for an interview.

Your Third-time repeat application will then be considered by the Associate Dean of Academic Programmes and you will be notified of the decision by email.

For more help

If you fail a course three times, then you will have to seek further advice by visiting your nearest Student Hub.