Student Agreement

When accepting an offer of admission, you enter into a relationship with the University of Auckland - Waipapa Taumata Rau, the details of which form a Student Agreement. The contents of the agreement are below.

Last updated on 28 October 2021

The University of Auckland - Waipapa Taumata Rau enters into a contractual relationship with its students when they accept an offer of admission for a particular programme of study. This contract (which includes the statutes, regulations, rules and policies of the University) governs the relationship between each student and the University while that student is enrolled in that programme of study and is called the ’Student Agreement‘.

These are the terms and conditions of the Student Agreement.

1. In accepting this Offer of Admission you reaffirm the truth, accuracy and completeness of the declaration that you made with your application for admission, and you confirm that (to the best of your knowledge) all of the information provided to the University by you (or on your behalf) in connection with that application remains accurate and complete. You further confirm that no facts or circumstances have arisen that would affect the truth or accuracy of your declaration or adversely affect your eligibility to be enrolled at the University.

The University:

2. Will use its reasonable endeavours to provide you with tuition and supervision of a professional standard in the programme of study and the courses in which you are enrolled.

3. Will act reasonably and fairly in exercising its powers.

4. May make changes to its courses (including the offering, content, mode of delivery, or timing for delivery of such courses), including where such changes are required because of changes in funding, staffing, legislation, Government directions, or circumstances beyond the University’s reasonable control. The University will give you reasonable notice (having regard to the circumstances) of any such changes.

You will:

5. Use your reasonable endeavours to fulfil the requirements specified by the University for the programme of study.

6. Comply with the statutes, regulations, rules and policies of the University (as amended from time to time), and all other reasonable requirements of the University, and you accept the jurisdiction of the University in all matters connected with your studies.

7. Pay by the relevant due date the full amount of the tuition fees, general fees and any other applicable fees or charges relating to each course you enrol in (or request enrolment in) as prescribed by the University. If any amounts are not paid by the due date, you acknowledge that the University has the right to terminate this Agreement under clause 9 below. If the University doesn't terminate this Agreement you agree to pay all applicable late fees and reinstatement fees. You also agree to reimburse the University for all third party legal and collection costs incurred by the University in recovering any overdue amounts.

8. Update the University as soon as practicable if any information that you have provided to the University changes (including but not limited to your contact details, and contact details for your next of kin or emergency contacts, and for your parents/guardians if you are under 18 years of age).

9. Update the University if your health needs (including mental health needs) change, or if you have any other concerns about your wellbeing and your ability to study. Your health, safety and wellbeing are a priority for the University, and we ask that you provide this information so that we can offer you appropriate support and, where relevant, assist you to access additional services. We also ask that you notify the University if you have concerns about discrimination, racism, bullying, harassment or abuse, or about the wellbeing and safety or behaviour of other students. The University has a comprehensive framework for addressing such issues, and you can make a notification or find out more about that framework on our student support webpage.

10. If you do not have New Zealand citizenship or permanent residency status in New Zealand, ensure that you:

(a) hold a valid student visa and comply at all times with the conditions of that visa (this is a pre-requisite of your enrolment and a condition of your continued enrolment); and

(b) have and maintain appropriate health and travel insurance either from the University’s preferred insurance provider or from a provider which is compliant with the requirements of the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice.

11. Behave in a manner that is consistent with the University's Code of Conduct. You understand that the University does not tolerate discrimination, racism, bullying, harassment or abuse.

The University and you also agree that:

12. This Agreement is effective, and its terms are operative, when you accept this Offer of Admission, and continues until your programme of study ends or the Agreement is terminated. The University may update the terms of its Student Agreement from time to time, and on and from each re-enrolment in courses for your programme of study, the terms and conditions of the most recent version of the Student Agreement (as at the date of re-enrolment) will apply.

13. If you do not, or cannot, comply with the essential requirements and conditions set out in clauses 6 (compliance with University statutes), 7 (payment of fees) and 10 (visa and insurance requirements), the University may terminate this Agreement. This is in addition to the University's rights under the statutes, regulations, rules and policies of the University.

14. Once you have been assigned a University email address, it will be the University's primary means of communication with you about matters relating to your enrolment and studies at the University, and an email sent by the University to your email address will constitute written notice to you and you will be responsible for checking your email regularly. While email is the primary means of communication, the University may also provide written notice to you by other means (including but not limited to notice through your Canvas account).

15. The University may collect, use, retain and disclose personal information about you in accordance with its Privacy Statements and the Privacy Act 2020. You agree that you will provide the University with any information or documentation reasonably requested by the University from time to time (including information that the University requires pursuant to the Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice).

16. The University prioritises the health and safety of its staff and students. You acknowledge that in order to minimise risk to health and safety, you must comply with health and safety requirements and/or restrictions set by the University from time to time and notified to you (including requirements and/or restrictions that may be imposed in response to epidemics or pandemics, such as COVID-19).

17. The University may require that any written work submitted in connection with a programme of study be subject to plagiarism detection software and systems and you agree to a copy of your written work being held and stored in the plagiarism detection database and used by the system's provider for plagiarism detection purposes.

18. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement, or otherwise relating to the performance of this Agreement by either party, shall be resolved through the applicable procedures prescribed by the University in the relevant statutes, regulations, rules and policies. These documents provide more information for you about the various complaint and dispute resolution processes which are available to you in connection with this Agreement.

19. This Agreement is subject to and governed by the laws of New Zealand. If at any time the University is liable to you under this Agreement, you agree that to the maximum extent permitted by law:

(a) The University's liability to you is limited to the amount of tuition fees, general fees and any other charges on your fees account that you have paid for the enrolment period in which the liability arises;

(b) The University is not liable to you for any indirect or consequential losses (including loss of opportunity, loss of future earnings or loss of reputation); and

(c) The University is not liable to you for any losses, costs or damages that you suffer or incur as a result of a breach of this Agreement by the University where that breach has been caused by circumstances beyond the University's reasonable control.

20. Certain provisions in this Student Agreement shall continue to apply after your enrolment has come to an end. These include clauses 7 (payment of fees), 15 (privacy), 17 (plagiarism), 18 (disputes) and 19 (liability), as well as any other provisions that by their nature are intended to continue to apply.