Applicant Declaration

When completing your Application for Admission, you will also need to read and agree to a declaration before submitting your application. The contents of the declaration are below.

Important: Completing and submitting this application online constitutes signing and dating the declaration as defined under the Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017.
The information contained in this application must be true, correct and complete.

I declare that the information provided in this application is true, correct and complete, that no information that would have a bearing on my admission or enrolment has been withheld and that I am the legitimate owner of the identity being claimed.

I understand that the University of Auckland (the University) may withdraw, amend or substitute an offer, cancel my enrolment, or apply other measures it considers appropriate if information or documents provided in connection with this application are found to be false, incorrect or incomplete.

I understand the University may offer me an alternative programme of study if I do not meet the requirements for my chosen programme of study.

I understand that the University may withdraw or amend an offer, if the information or documents required by the University to support this application are not provided by the requested date.

I will provide the originals of my qualifications, if requested to do so by the University.

I am aware that a non-refundable fee for admission may be payable for this application, and I have read, understood and agree to comply with the University’s rules on deletion, withdrawal, and the refund or credit of fees, as described in the Enrolment and Programme Regulations and the Fees Statute.

I understand that in addition to the academic requirements of this programme, further requirements may be necessary for my chosen career. These could include other qualifications, registration with a professional body, licensing, or other legal requirements. I understand that it is my responsibility to be aware of these additional requirements and to ensure that I can meet them.

I acknowledge that the Application for Admission requests that I authorise certain entities that hold personal information about me to disclose that information to the University on request, and I confirm that I authorise such information be requested by the University and provided to the University by the relevant entity.
I understand that the University may otherwise collect, use and disclose personal information about me in accordance with its Privacy Statements and the Privacy Act 2020.

I will comply at all times with the University’s statutes, regulations, rules and policies.