Manaaki New Zealand Scholarships stories

Deborah's statisitical modelling research has the potential to improve health outcomes for people in regions with limited funding.

Deborah's story

To’oa, from Samoa, gained field work and research experience from her Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Geography and Environmental Science.

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Linh wants to use her Master of Marketing to elevate rural tourism in her home country, Vietnam.

Linh's story

Talie hopes to use his Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering to improve infrastructure in his home country, Samoa.

Talie's story

Nur, from Indonesia, is studying towards a Master of Commerce, specialising in Global Management and Innovation.

Nur's story
Daniel Campbell

Daniel, from the Caribbean state Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, will use his Master of Engineering to help his region prepare for natural disasters.

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