Sweden - University fact sheets

Not all host universities have fact sheets available. If you do not see your university listed below, please visit the host university's website for more details.

Important note on visa requirements to Sweden

As visa requirements may be subject to change, it's your responsibility to research carefully and familiarise yourself with the visa process.

As of November 2022, the current visa requirements for exchange students studying in Sweden require non-EU citizens in New Zealand to make an in-person visit to provide biometrics/passport at the Embassy of Sweden in Canberra, Australia.

It is not possible to visit any of Sweden’s Honorary Consulates in New Zealand to apply for a visa. You must be prepared to factor in the additional cost of a trip to Canberra in Australia for your visa application to Sweden.

Please read the requirement to visit Sweden Mission Abroad.

If you're not prepared for this additional cost of a trip to Canberra as part of the visa process for Sweden, then we advise that you consider partner universities in other countries.

360 International is unable to advise on visas, so you must contact the Embassy of Sweden directly. You can find the contact on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade website on the Embassy of Sweden page.