Prime Minister's Scholarship Programmes

Learn more about the Prime Minister's Scholarships Programme and opportunities for University of Auckland students to gain learning abroad experiences in Asia and Latin America.

About the Prime Minister's Scholarship Programme

The Prime Minister's Scholarships are funded by the New Zealand Government and administered by Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao to support New Zealanders on learning experiences in Asia and Latin America. 

A Prime Minister's Scholarship is an opportunity to grow yourself and see the world through a new lens. It will also enable you to:

  • Learn a new language, or improve existing skills
  • Become a global citizen
  • Develop intercultural competencies
  • Grow your network and connections overseas
  • Discover new cultures
  • Enhance your employability

Education New Zealand accepts applications for group programmes, supported by an education institution or provider, as well as individual applicants. 

The scholarships cover programme fees and/or tuition fees for offshore institutions (not NZ fees), flights, accommodation, visas, insurance and a contribution towards living costs. Students participating in group programmes may be expected to provide a contribution towards the overall cost of the programme (fee waivers are available for some programmes for students from groups traditionally underrepresented in learning abroad).

What is a Group Programme?

Group programmes are immersive study tours which allow you to explore your academic interests in a global context, while travelling as part of a group. Being part of a group is a great way to delve into another culture for the first time, offering a supportive network with whom to share and process your experiences and growth.

The 360 International team administers new group programmes on behalf of the University of Auckland, with programmes generally offered each year during the New Zealand summer months. Bids for funding are submitted through the Prime Minister's Scholarship Programme Group Application round annually in April, with funding results typically released in June. 

Programmes which the University of Auckland has been successful in obtaining funding to support will be announced in July, with the call for applications to eligible University of Auckland students, followed by a student selection process in August/September. 

Students interested in joining a University of Auckland PMSA or PMSLA Group Programme will apply through the University's learning abroad portal, and do not need to apply to Education New Zealand through the Individual Award application process. 

Academic staff interested in faciliating a future group programme with Prime Minister's Scholarship funding should contact the 360 International Manager, Chandra Leenheer. 

2024 Group Programmes

The University of Auckland has received funding for the following two programmes that will be offered in January/February 2024.


PMSA 2024 Reimagining India with IndoGenius

Following in the footsteps of two previous PMSA cohorts in 2019 and 2023, 24 students from across New Zealand will have the opportunity to be immersed deep in Indian cultural and spiritual traditions as well as the 21st century tech-driven innovation, corporate and start-up ecosystems. This jam-packed 6-week study tour provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity for New Zealand students to engage with India. 

PMSLA 2024 Intercultural Approaches to Public Health at UC Chile

In January 2024, nine University of Auckland students will have the opportunity to join UC Chile's 4-week summer intensive course, along with a cohort of other international students. Open to students from any discipline, the academic programme will include seminars introducing participants to public health challenges in Latin America and Chile, as well as intercultural health and its relation to traditional Mapuche and Aymara worldwide vision. The programme will include Academic Seminars, Field Observations, workshops in Leadership and Public Speaking, along with a full Social & Cultural Programme to learn about and experience the local Chilean culture.

Individual awards

Applications for Individual Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia (PMSA) or Latin America (PMSLA) will be open once annually, generally from mid-July to late August. 

Individual programmes allow applicants to identify an opportunity of particular interest to them personally, which may include a short-term or semester exchange opportunity, research abroad, internships, postgraduate programmes, or other study abroad experiences. 

Individual PMSA/PMSLA applicants are responsible for applying to the relevant programme in conjunction with submitting an application for funding through the Prime Minister's Scholarships application process. 

Relevant programmes that you may consider applying to with the support of the Prime Minister's Scholarship for Asia (PMSA) or Latin America (PMSLA) include: 

For more information on programme options, or assistance with completing your funding and/or programme application, please contact 360 International

For more information on the Scholarship programme and application process, please visit the Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia and Latin America website.

Global internship providers information sessions

For individuals considering applying for a Prime Minister's Scholarships for Asia (PMSA) and Latin America (PMSLA), to do a global internship abroad, please see recordings from a couple of the recent info sessions held. 

In summer 2023, the University of Auckland worked with the following providers who hosted our students across three locations - CRCC Asia (Ho Chi Minh City), NEXSTEP (Bangkok) and GCC (Mumbai).

CRCC Asia Information Session 

Next Step Connections Information Session 

Global Career Center information session

Summer 2022-2023 Group Programmes

The University of Auckland received over NZ$1.07M in funding to support students to join designated group programmes through the Prime Minister's Scholarship Programme for Asia (PMSA) and Latin America (PMSLA), in the 2022-2023 Group Application round. The average value of the awards per participant is over NZ$10,000. These programmes included: 

  • PMSA Reimaging India Study Tour with IndoGenius
  • PMSA Korean Language Study Abroad at Korea University
  • PMSA Chinese Language Study Abroad at National Cheng Kung University
  • PMSA Global Internships in Bangkok, Thailand with NEXSTEP
  • PMSA Global Internships in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with CRCC Asia
  • PMSA Global Internships in Mumbai, India with Global Career Center
  • PMSLA Indigenous Rights & Histories in Brazil with Campus b
  • PMSLA iWinter Global Business Programme with Tec de Monterrey, Mexico
  • PMSLA Social Realities in Mexico with IBERO

Find out more about the programmes that were offered during the 2022/2023 NZ Summer on the 360 International Blog.

Equity in Learning Abroad

Education New Zealand Manapou ki te Ao, The University of Auckland Waipapa Taumata Rau, and the 360 International team are committed to meeting our responsibilities to the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and achieving equity outcomes for Māori as well as Equity groups, and we aim to ensure that learning abroad opportunities are available and accessible to students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. The majority of the programmes listed below are interdisciplinary and open to currently enrolled students from all faculties across the University, and we encourage all interested students to apply. Where the number of equally qualified applicants exceeds the total number of spaces available for a particular programme, additional consideration may be given to Māori and Pasifika applicants, as well as applicants from recognised Equity groups, underrepresented disciplines, and those without prior learning abroad experience.