Undergraduate study in Engineering Science

What can you study in Engineering Science?

A Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Engineering Science features smaller class sizes and practical, project-based learning. Beyond your first year, you’ll be exposed to the foundations of the specialisations, with courses in mathematical modelling, electronics, mechanics, materials, operations research and computer programming.

Undergraduate study in Engineering Science features two core sub-specialisations:

  • Operations Research (OR): Called the “science of better”, this is an approach to making good decisions – ones that are shorter, faster, cheaper, safer, and more reliable. OR involves drawing from your mathematics, statistics, and computing skills to build computer models of complex problems and situations, followed by the implementation of advanced optimisation algorithms to find optimal solutions.
  • Computational Mechanics: This involves the study of what happens when forces are applied to materials It’s applicable to everyday activities that from pouring a coffee or biting an apple to designing spacecraft. Sub-topics include:
    • Solid mechanics, which is the study of solid material behavior – for example, how concrete, foam, steel, tissue and gels behave in mild winds or massive explosions
    • Fluid dynamics, which is concerned with the motion of liquids and gases. This knowledge can be used in aeronautics or yachting, and even in studying blood flow in the human body. It is also applied to predicting and managing the behaviour of natural systems such as petroleum reservoirs and groundwater.

All our BE(Hons) specialisations are accredited by Engineering NZ, so your qualification will be recognised in many countries.


All students take a similar set of courses throughout their first year of a BE(Hons). Find out more about the compulsory degree components.

You can get in-depth information about our undergraduate courses in Engineering Science with the Faculty of Engineering Course Viewer.

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