Bachelor of Science specialising in Food Science and Nutrition, from 2019

From 2019 you can choose one of two Food Science and Nutrition pathways, in order to focus your studies.

  • Food Science: The topics covered in this pathway underpin all aspects of manufacturing, processing and production in food-related industries. You'll learn about food components, their properties and ways in which they interact in food products, functional foods, emerging technologies and their benefits, food safety and food preservation, and product development from benchtop to market. 
  • Nutrition: This pathway has a focus on human nutrition, the maintenance of good health and the wellbeing of populations. This requires consideration of the environmental, social, economic and cultural influences on eating behaviours and how they impact on health.

If you're beginning your BSc in 2019 you'll complete the Food Science and Nutrition capstone course, FOODSCI 399, where you'll work in small groups to identify and develop a new food product or food system that addresses or responds to a nutritional issue. You'll focus on the interplay between the nutritional aspects of the product or system, and the sensory, stability, convenience, cost, regulatory and processing aspects of the product. 

Capstone course: a student-led project providing you with an opportunity to integrate and apply your previous learning to a real-world problem.

Food Science and Nutrition pathways

Learn more about how your Food Science and Nutrition pathway is structured:

Preparing for your Food Science and Nutrition specialisation

Some students will feel more prepared for our Food Science and Nutrition courses if they have already studied some science subjects in high school.

Find out which school subjects will help you feel prepared by reading our Subject guide for school students.

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