Postgraduate study in International Law

What can you study in International Law?

You can choose to have your LLM or MLS degree awarded in International Law. To do this, you must complete a minimum of 90 points of the 120 points for the degree in this specialisation.

International Law is an area of growing reach and importance. We have both generalist and specialist teachers and researchers in this field. 

Specialisms include:

  • Armed Conflict Law
  • International Criminal Law
  • International Environmental Law
  • International Litigation
  • International Trade Law
  • Law of the Sea and Antarctica
  • International Dispute Resolution
  • International Economic Regulation
  • Counterterrorism Law
  • International Relations and Globalisation
  • International Peace and Security

Each year we invite teachers to present a roster of subjects. The course line-up of subjects changes annually. 

Recent courses have included Law of the Sea, Globalisation and the Taxation of Foreign Investment, International Company and Capital Markets Law, International Insolvency Law, International Commercial Arbitration, and Internet Governance.


Explore the postgraduate courses you can take for an International Law major:

  • Postgraduate Law courses

Graduate story: Rohan Chauhan

Rohan Chauhan

Rohan Chauhan has completed his Master of Laws in International Law part-time and is a Senior Tax Consultant at KPMG New Zealand.

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