Mathematics Education

Mathematics Education is vital to ensure young people are numerate, understand how the world works and are equipped for future careers. Understanding how students learn Mathematics and the most effective ways of teaching it are at the heart of this subject.

Subject overview

High-quality Mathematics Education informs education, science, technology and engineering. As well as ensuring a numerate, highly skilled society, Mathematics Education provides the foundation for teaching young people important skills in logic, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, seeking evidence and analysing data.

Mathematics Education is essential for making sure mathematics is more widely understood and that students are inspired to pursue mathematical-based subjects and careers.

Mathematics Education courses cover:

  • An understanding of the theory underpinning Mathematics Education
  • The socio-cultural, political, economic and technological background to Mathematics Education
  • The Mathematics curriculum from early years, through to primary, secondary and higher education
  • Practical teaching skills, strategies and techniques
  • Research into Mathematics Education and how people learn

Where can Mathematics Education take you?

Mathematics Education can open up career opportunities in teaching, educational leadership, training in industry, policy making, research and many other fields.

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