Undergraduate study in Music

What can you study in Music?

Increase your musical knowledge and analysis, learn about the history of music, and explore music technology. You can gain a broad knowledge and understanding of Western musical techniques and styles. You can study the fundamental skills of harmony, counterpoint, aural and keyboard skills and analysis.

If you wish to study performance or composition, a Bachelor of Music provides a comprehensive music education for aspiring musicians.

Undergraduate study in a Bachelor of Music

Find out about what you can study at an undergraduate level in your Bachelor of Music (BMus).

To study performance, view the Creative Practice specialisations:



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Undergraduate study in a Bachelor of Arts major in Music

You can take a major in Music as one of your two BA majors (a double major). Complementary BA majors with Music could be Anthropology or Drama. If you wanted to add another dimension to your studies, you could choose your second major from any other BA subject, such as Art History or Media, Film and Television.

You will need to pass at least 120 points (eight courses) towards each of your majors, including at least 45 points (three courses) at Stage III.

Required courses

You must pass the following courses as part of the Music major:

  • MUS 104