Doctoral study in Psychology

Why study with us?

New Zealand’s leading and largest Faculty of Science* brings together 10 diverse schools and departments to provide outstanding quality teaching and research opportunities. Our doctoral students work with some of the nation’s leading researchers and benefit from the faculty’s connections with international universities and industry. You will also have access to high-quality laboratory and field research facilities.


Research opportunities

We welcome PhD proposals in areas including:

  • Developmental psychology
  • Feminist psychology and gender and cultural studies
  • Computational methods to answer questions about language and human prehistory
  • Social attitudes, personality and health outcomes
  • Personal and group identities to gender and sexual issues, and environmental and sustainability issues
  • Applied behaviour analysis: using a scientific approach to understand and change human behaviour Māori identity, financial attitudes and behaviour
  • Quantitative and experimental approaches to the understanding of animal and human behaviour
  • Industrial, work and organisational psychology
  • Cognitive neuroscience research

Our people

Many of our knowledgeable scientists are major contributors in their field.

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Research topics

See a selection of past and present research topics:

  • Investigating the factors involved in efficient tactile perception in blind people | supervised by Barry Hughes
  • Stressors and coping mechanisms of Muslim youth in New Zealand | supervised by Kerry Gibson
  • Neuropsychological Symptom Validity in the Accident Compensation Corporation | supervised by Suzanne Barker-Collo
  • Suicide intervention training within mental health NGOs | supervised by Fred Seymour
  • The effects of brief stimuli on response rate and persistence | supervised by Doug Elliffe
  • Callous-unemotional traits in children | supervised by Ian Lambie
  • The signature-testing approach to the evolution of intelligence | supervised by Alex Taylor
  • Conditioned inhibition and timeout from reinforcement | supervised by Doug Elliffe
  • Comorbidities of autism in the area of developmental neuroscience | supervised by Karen Waldie
  • Adverse childhood experiences in sex offender population in New Zealand prisons | supervised by Fred Seymour
  • Biased memories and depressive symptoms in interpersonal relationships | supervised by Nickola Overall
  • Effects of expertise: investigating the lateralisation of visuospatial processing in professional musicians | supervised by Lynette Tippett

For more information about PhD theses and topics you may be interested in, or supervisors and their past research, please use the search function on the Libraries and Learning Services catalogue.

Scholarships and awards

See our University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship page for scholarship opportunities. Or search our database for scholarships that may be available.

Help and advice

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