Why study with us?

Global Studies addresses the growing need for people who understand current global issues and are prepared to tackle them in our fast-changing, complex world.

We're part of an international community of universities offering programmes in Global Studies and our Bachelor of Global Studies is the only one of its kind in New Zealand. We care about the planet’s resources and people and ask you to join us in our mandate to be the change you wish to see in the world. We provide the tools to tackle global problems from a thematic perspective, offering you the opportunity to answer some of today’s most pressing questions using a skill set tailored to your interests.

The Bachelor of Global Studies will deepen your understanding of the links between local experience and global issues. You’ll gain competency in another language and insights into a region where your chosen language is spoken. This will help you to cultivate cross-cultural understanding and communication skills. Internships, workshops and research projects will help you develop leadership skills and critical thinking.

We offer four major options, each tailored to ensure students receive a holistic, issues-based degree: 

  • Global Politics and Human Rights
  • Global Environment and Sustainable Development
  • International Relations and Business
  • Transnational Cultures and Creative Practice

By the end of your programme, you’ll have various lenses through which to examine the world. You'll be well-equipped for careers both locally and globally in a variety of fields.

If you are interested in continuing to postgraduate study, we are planning to introduce a Master of Global Studies for 2022.

Future-proof your career

The world of work is changing rapidly and in ways we can’t predict. Through interdisciplinary, practical approaches, the Bachelor of Global Studies will help you look at the world in new ways. You’ll be encouraged to question, adapt and grow, enabling you to be flexible and resilient for a wide range of career possibilities both in New Zealand and overseas.

There are a range of sectors you might enter: International development and aid, local or national government, public or private international organisations, an NGO or not-for-profit, the environmental sector, international media, foreign affairs and diplomacy, politics and trade, advocacy and social justice, creative arts and entertainment.

Global Studies graduates work as:

  • Human rights advocates 
  • Journalists 
  • Policy analysts
  • International trade consultants 
  • Professionals in the cultural sector 
  • Foreign correspondents
  • Creative administrators 

There are many other career possibilities. As part of the Global Studies programme, you’ll have opportunities to develop practical employment skills and “on-the-job” experience through internships, workshops and research projects.

Conjoint programmes

Pursue your interests in two different fields by combining a Bachelor of Global Studies with another degree. Conjoint degrees are a great way to increase your versatility and breadth of skills. You can study in two different fields and finish in less time than it would take to complete two separate degrees. Keep in mind that conjoint programmes involve a heavier workload and you’re expected to maintain an average grade of B- or higher.

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Study overseas

With access to more than 130 partner universities, you’ll have the option of studying for course credit, or finding an experiential opportunity that enhances your career options and broadens your mind. You can also consider going overseas to complete your language requirement and/or to collect material for your third-year research project.

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Virtual exchanges

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We know that study is a big commitment, not least financially. The University of Auckland has a wide range of scholarships to assist with financial support.

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Postgraduate study

We are planning to introduce a Master of Global Studies for 2022.