Virtual opportunities

Discover how virtual programmes can enable you to stay engaged with your academic, professional and personal development from home.

Our exchange partners and network partners have launched a range of virtual short courses and development programmes, offering you the opportunity to fly past your peers with your new global connections and quickly advance your academic, professional, and personal lives – no passport needed.

Check out the different types of virtual opportunities we've previously offered to students. We will have more on offer coming in January 2021. Please be sure to check our website periodically for new programmes and have a look on the Via TRM page to see if funding is available for the programme you are interested in. 

These opportunities are open to University of Auckland students from all faculties, and may be credit bearing or non-credit bearing programmes, but are great to enhance your skills, add in your CV and get involved in extracurricular experience. 

Leadership and skills development

APRU UC Davis: Becoming a Global Learner Leadership Series

Join this free five-session learning series created by University of California Davis in partnership with the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU). Explore the concepts of culture, cultural values, identity, and power as well as engage in a deeper reflection on how they and others “make meaning”, evaluate intercultural situations, and deal with conflict.

  • Programme dates: 29 January - 5 March 2021 (five sessions)
  • Applications are currently open and are due 20 January. Please apply directly to APRU.

Diversity Abroad: Global Inclusive Leadership Certificate

Develop your understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion through a leadership lens through the Global Inclusive Leadership Certificate. Developed by Diversity Abroad, this programme provides you with inclusive leadership skills and global competencies so you can thrive in your communities, campus, and work teams.

  • Programme dates: 3 March to 5 July 2021
  • Applications are currently open and are due 20 January.

Universitas 21 Global Connections

This is a free programme offered by the Universitas 21 (U21). U21 is offering students the opportunity to make new global connections and initiate conversations with students around the world.

  • Applications are currently open and are due 27 January. Please directly apply to U21.

These programmes have previously been offered, but currently do not have applications open:

Volunteering and service learning

These programmes have previously been offered, but currently do not have applications open:

Cultural programmes

Summer 2021 short courses

Virtual internships

For more information on virtual internships, please see the CDES Facebook page and stay up to date with CDES at MyCDES Job Board

Virtual webinars

Our exchange partners and networks offer for students the opportunity to watch and participate in virtual webinars. Please note, these are not managed by 360 International. When these are available, we will share information below.

If you have any questions, please contact the 360 International team. If you would like to receive email notifications on new virtual opportunities, we encourage you to join our mailing list below.