Virtual opportunities

Discover how virtual programmes can enable you to stay engaged with your academic, professional and personal development from home.

Our exchange partners and network partners have launched a range of virtual short courses and development programmes, offering you the opportunity to fly past your peers with your new global connections and quickly advance your academic, professional, and personal lives – no passport needed.

Check out the new virtual opportunities on offer and be sure to look on the Via TRM page to see if funding is available for the programme you are interested in. Please note, most programmes are funded.

These opportunities are open to University of Auckland students from all faculties, and may be credit bearing or non-credit bearing programmes, but are great to enhance your skills, add in your CV and get involved in extracurricular experience. 

Leadership and skills development

Universitas 21 Global Citizenship Course

This course will offer students the opportunity to work online in an international environment, develop skills and competencies needed to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. You'll be required to complete a total of nine hours of learning (three hours per week). 

  • Programme dates: 5 October to 23 October
  • Applications are currently open and are due 30 September.

University of Calgary Global Community Challenge

The Global Community Challenge YYC (GCC) creates opportunities for you to work in cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary teams to identify solutions to real world issues. By being a part of this challenge, you will have the opportunity to develop critical workplace skills while building your intercultural capacity and positioning yourself to become an innovation catalyst for meaningful change.

  • Programme dates: 6 October to 19 November 
  • Applications are currently open and are due 2 October.

University of Oregon Global Leadership Challenge

Global Leadership Challenges are short-term, fast-paced, experiential learning programs designed for students around the world to engage in high impact educational practices, community-based learning opportunities, cross-cultural collaboration, and applied leadership development. 

  • Programme dates: mid-October to mid-November 
  • Applications for this round have now closed.

Diversity Abroad Global Inclusive Leadership Certificate

The Diversity Abroad programme will provide you with the opportunity to develop foundational knowledge of diversity, equity and inclusion as a complement to leadership skills needed to thrive in internship, professional roles, and in building your own ventures. You'll be required to complete 4-7 hours a week during the duration of the programme. 

  • Programme dates: 12 October to 11 December (eight weeks)
  • Applications for this round have now closed.

Cultural programmes

CAPES: Puertas Abiertas- Latin American Immersion Programme

This programme aims to provide participants with a unique immersion-learning experience to strengthen their Spanish language capability. The Puertas Abiertas Programme is delivered in collaboration with the Latin America Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence (LatAm CAPE).

  • This programme will be held in Auckland from 22 to 28 November 2020. 
  • Applications for this round have now closed.

Summer 2021 short-term programmes

Soochow University International Virtual Programme

Develop practical, career-learning and intercultural experiences by taking advantage of this virtual programme from Soochow University in Taiwan. Business courses are offered for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

  • Programme dates: 11 January to 31 January 2021
  • Applications are currently open and are due 15 October.

Yonsei University Winter School

Interact with eminent lecturers and participants from all over the world by taking part in the Yonsei Winter School Programme. In addition to the academic programme, students are also offered the opportunity to join virtual cultural activities like taekwondo and K-Pop dance.

  • Programme dates: 28 December 2020 to 19 January 2021
  • Applications are currently open and are due 1 November.

Korea University International Winter Campus

Korea University's Winter School is offering a virtual short winter programme. Online courses available in Business, Arts and Science, and you can also take part in online activities to explore Korean culture.

  • Programme dates: 28 December 2020 to 15 January 2021
  • Applications are currently open and are due 1 November.

Toulouse Business School Winter School

Take part in an interactive learning experience with students from all over the world, exchange with expert lecturers and develop your knowledge of the European business environment. Toulouse Business School aims to reinforce the development of students’ cross-cultural communication skills in addition to their business knowledge.

  • Programme dates: 25 January to 5 February 2021
  • Applications are currently open and are due 1 November.

University of Edinburgh Winter School

The University of Edinburgh is delighted to share its Winter School online, which is the perfect way to broaden your academic and cultural horizons. Edinburgh offers the opportunity to study unique courses on debating and international relations or Scottish medieval history. 

  • Programme dates: 11 January to 5 February 2021
  • Applications are currently open and are due 15 November.

Stockholm Law - Short Winter Programme

The Law department at Stockholm University is offering a virtual short winter programme. You have the option to study one of three Law courses and live  a highly interactive experience with students from all over the world, exchange with expert lectures and develop your knowledge.

  • Programme dates: 2 November 2020 to 15 January 2021
  • Applications for this round have now closed. 

Virtual internships

CRCC Asia virtual internships

Join CRCC Asia, an approved third-party provider, for an information session to learn more about virtual internships, and find out how you can be in the chance to win a fully-funded 12 week virtual internship this summer.

For more information on virtual internships, please see the CDES Facebook page and stay up to date with CDES at MyCDES Job Board

Virtual webinars

Our exchange partners and networks offer for students the opportunity to watch and participate in virtual webinars. Please note, these are not managed by 360 International. 

Series of webinars from Universidad San Francisco de Quito

This is a series of webinars across 11 September, 25 September and 16 October, where you can meet peers from all over the world. These webinars are geared towards cross-cultural exchange and immersion through social connection. The webinars are free of charge.

City University of Hong Kong President Lecture No.41: Excellence in Academia

The lecture will be delivered by Professor Chin Pan, Head and Chair Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at City University of Hong Kong, and focuses on bubbles - the science, sustainability and technology. This online session will take place through Zoom on 7 October 2020, 12.30-1.45pm (GMT +8 hours). Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis through this link.

Monash University - International Conference of Undergraduate Research

Our exchange partner, Monash University, invites students to participate in this year's International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR). ICUR is a two-day, 48 hour international and interdisciplinary undergraduate conference on 29 and 30 September. Audience participation is free and all are welcome to watch and interact. To join, download the ICUR app to register as an audience member on the ICUR website.

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