Diplomas, certificates and honours

Graduate diplomas  

This will broaden your knowledge in a particular subject area following the completion of your undergraduate degree. These courses may be at undergraduate level so you can extend your learning in an area other than your original major or specialisation of your undergraduate studies, or your programme may include courses at 600 and/or 700 level.

Bachelors (Honours) postgraduate degrees

These degrees are designed to attract the best undergraduate students starting postgraduate-level studies. They offer a range of learning environments including advanced teaching, research and practical work.

For entry, completion of a relevant undergraduate degree from a recognised institution with an average grade of ‘B’ (GPA of 5.0) or higher in the Stage III prerequisite courses is generally required. Some faculties and programmes require a higher GPA for admission. Some programmes may also take into account your previous work experience.

Alternatively, students who perform well in the dissertation in their programme may be able to fast-track through to a doctoral degree programme.

Postgraduate diplomas

These programmes build on the knowledge gained in your major subject at undergraduate level. It is normally completed by coursework only, but may include practical requirements and formal study, and a research project.

Postgraduate certificates

Postgraduate certificates are a great introduction to postgraduate study and can lead to a postgraduate diploma or masters degree. These programmes are open to holders of bachelors degrees, or an equivalent qualification acceptable to the University, or those who can demonstrate extensive practical, professional or scholarly experience of an appropriate kind.

They offer flexible learning and the opportunity to learn specialist skills. A postgraduate certificate is a programme of study of 60 points usually one semester of full-time study (or equivalent).

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