Guide to choosing school subjects

Whether you are in Year 10 or Year 13, it is important to know the subjects you need to take if you’re thinking about studying at the University of Auckland. The main thing to remember is to keep your options open.

1.Think about what you might like to study
We offer more than 30 undergraduate programmes from certificate to bachelor level in over 125 different subjects. 

Browse your options 

2.Find out the entry requirements
If you’d like to know which subjects are "required" for each programme, please visit Entry requirements.

3.Check the subjects you are studying
For 'recommended' subjects (ie. not 'required') you may also like to read our Subject Guide for School Students.

Unsure what you want to study?

If you are unsure what you’d like to study at university then you should follow the interests you had at school. It’s a good idea to try and keep your options open.

If you are really stuck, it may help to maintain English, Maths and at least one Science subject in order to keep your options open.

We are happy to discuss your specific situation further so please get in touch with a member of  Schools & Community Engagement.

Help and advice

If you would like further help, speak with someone in your school such as your Careers Adviser, Subject Teacher, HOD, Academic Adviser or Dean.

You can also speak to a member of Schools & Community Engagement.

For more information

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