Schools and Community Engagement

School Advisers from SCE engage with secondary schools and connect with students throughout the country.

We liaise with secondary school students, parents, guardians, school careers advisers and the community.

We provide key information about University study options and entry requirements. We engage with the wider community both digitally and in person, with whanau information evenings throughout New Zealand and school careers events. We also offer on-campus or digital appointments for parents and students. These can include tours of the campus and halls of residence.

International students should contact the International Office for relevant information.

Meet the team

Liletina Vaka

Associate Director | Kaihautū

Kate Ricketts

Te Rewanga Kaitiaki (Schools and Community Outreach Manager)

Papalii Michael Mau'u

Te Terenga Kaitiaki (Schools and Community Engagement Manager)

Max Murray

Te Terenga (Engagement Adviser)

Rangi Bensley

Te Terenga (Schools Adviser) based in Wellington
Schools in Wellington and Wairarapa

Te Rina Robens

Kaiurungi (Engagement Adviser – Māori)

Mel Faingaa

Moana Tupu (Engagement Adviser – Pasifika)

Olivia Kerrison

Te Terenga (Engagement Adviser)

Vaha Tu'itahi

Te Terenga (Engagement Adviser)

Tayla Marriner

Te Ūnga Kairuruku (Recruitment Adviser – Faculty of Arts)

Morgan Patii-Kauhiva

Te Ūnga Kairuruku (Recruitment Adviser – Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries)

Natalie Wilson

Te Ūnga Kairuruku (Recruitment Adviser – Faculty of Business, Faculty of Law)


Te Ūnga Kairuruku (Recruitment Adviser – Faculty of Education and Social Work)


Te Ūnga Kairuruku (Recruitment Adviser – Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences)

Seini Tonga

Te Terenga (Recruitment Adviser – Faculty of Science)

Contact us

Schools and Community Engagement Team

Alfred Nathan House
Building 103, Level 1
24 Princes Street
Auckland 1010

Private Bag 92019
Auckland 1142