Calem Stewart-Leaton

“Tōia ki Waipapa allowed me the opportunity to find my place within the University. I was introduced to other Māori staff and students and found a new university whānau.”

Key facts
Iwi: Ngāpuhi, Tainui & Niue
High school: Howick College

“I chose to do Tōia ki Waipapa as I felt it would give me a place to belong. I wanted to make friends and build relationships with other rangatahi and tuākana who had similar upbringings, experiences and aspirations as myself.”

“It definitely gave me a taste of what University life will be like in Semester One.”

“I became familiar with the campus and work ethics that were needed to achieve the results that I wanted. It also allowed me to make connections and relationships going into the semester which made settling in a lot easier.

“I found the lectures and tutorials very stimulating and eye opening. They encouraged me to reconstruct the way I think by unlearning a lot of the incorrect information I was taught about being Māori while I was growing up.

“As the first in my whānau to enter University it gave me a sense of grounding to why and who I am taking these next steps for. As a Māori/Niuean student, I not only carry the weight of my own goals and aspirations for the future, but I am also carrying my tupuna, whānau and community with me.”