Mathematics Fundamentals NSMAT 10

This is a short, intensive course taught on Saturdays in a workshop environment. Most of the time you'll be working together collaboratively, either as a class or in groups, but sometimes there will be lectures.

Mathematics Fundamentals is a great way to build your skills and confidence.

Before enrolling in this course you will be required to sit a maths assessment. 

For more information please contact the New Start office.


You'll complete two assignments and sit an end-of-course test.  

Learning outcomes

Having successfully completed the course, you'll be able to:

  • Approach further mathematics courses with increased skills
  • Understand the order of operations and factors
  • Understand algebra and how it relates to expanding, factorising, fractions, and equations
  • Confidently manipulate equations and rearrange formulas
  • Gain confidence and speed with metric conversions, ratios, percentages
  • Change numbers by rounding and converting to standard form
  • Understand index laws/powers
  • Grasp basic geometry of rectangles, triangles, and circles
  • Understand how line equations relate to their graphs

                2024 course dates