TFC fees, examinations and regulations


The TFC fee may change each year. In 2022, the course fee is $6.51 per point and the student services fee is $8.16 per point. The total fee is $1760.40 for the eight courses that make up the programme. If you intend to work while studying, we recommend you limit this to ten hours a week because of programme workload.

You may be eligible to apply for a Studylink/WINZ student loan and/or student allowance.

TFC qualifies for Free Fees study if you are eligible.


Most of our courses have a final examination, which will count towards your final score. This is usually around 40–50% of your total course mark. For the coursework component, your assignments and tests will be assessed. We will also take into account your class attendance, full participation and submission of all assignments.


Payment of fees

Once you have been offered a place and accepted it, TFC will enrol you in your eight courses. You must then download your invoice and pay all fees in full.

Enrolment and transfers

You will enrol in eight courses – four in Semester One and four in the Semester Two. You may be able to transfer between subjects/courses within the first two weeks of the semester if this is authorised by the programme coordinator.


Attendance is compulsory. You are expected to be punctual for all lectures, laboratory sessions and tutorials. Students who don’t attend a minimum of 80% of the scheduled classes may be asked to leave the programme. Students who intend to be absent must advise their relevant tutors via email or phone on the day of intended absence. Absences of more than three days will require a medical certificate. Unexplained absences will result in a written request to explain the non-attendance. If you receive more than two such requests, you may be asked to leave the programme.

Withdrawal from programme

Withdrawals and changes must be made by the second Friday of the semester. Refunds will not be made after this date. For more information, see Changing your enrolment.