TFC overview

Do you lack the grades needed for entry to university?
You want to study at university but feel unprepared or lack confidence?
Did you leave school early, or has it been some time since you last did any study?  

The TFC is the way to go.

TFC is for those who:

  • didn’t  achieve University Entrance via NCEA Level 3 or Cambridge examinations
  • cannot gain admission into the bachelor programme of your choice due to your rank scores
  • have been away from school for some time.

The TFC programme supports the University’s belief that anyone capable of studying at tertiary level should be given that opportunity. The major factors for your success in this programme are regular attendance, motivation and determination to maintain the necessary effort.

What you’ll learn

This intensive one-year, full-time programme will help you gain the skills and confidence you need for successful tertiary study. You will:

  • study courses in Arts and Sciences specifically designed to bring you up to Stage I university level
  • learn how to study effectively and understand the discipline needed for effective tertiary-level study
  • work with highly qualified university lecturers and tutors
  • be introduced to university life, with full use of campus services and facilities.
  • gain an academically recognised qualification so you can apply for admission into a bachelor programme at the University of Auckland or with another tertiary provider*.

*Note: Some faculties have limited entry programmes and TFC graduates may need a stronger Grade Point Average (GPA) to be considered favourably. Strong TFC grades, such as B+ and above, usually enable admission into a basic BA, BCom and BSc programme, but may vary. Contact individual faculties regarding their requirements.

Programme structure

Courses run from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Your classes, tutorial and labs will total approximately 20 hours per week and you are expected to spend another 20 hours per week on research and assignments.

For information about the academic year including semester and examination dates, and holiday breaks, see Important dates.

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