TFC overview

The Tertiary Foundation Certificate (TFC) programme could be your ideal pathway to degree studies. You'll have great opportunities to gain confidence and skills. After just one year, you'll be ready to enter university and succeed.

  • Do you want to study at university but lack confidence or feel unprepared?
  • Did you leave school early? Or has it been some time since you last did any study?
  • Do you lack the grades needed for University Entrance or for your programme of choice?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then TFC is the way to go. 

TFC supports the University’s belief that anyone capable of studying here should be given the opportunity. If you blend your natural abilities with regular attendance, motivation and effort, you will succeed!

TFC is offered at two campuses: City Campus and Tai Tonga in South Auckland. Note that not all Pathways are offered at Tai Tonga.

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What you can expect

The academic year

This intensive, full-time programme will boost your skills and confidence as you:

  • Pursue a range of courses specifically designed to bring you up to Stage I university level
  • Learn how to study effectively and understand the discipline needed to meet your goals
  • Work with highly qualified university lecturers and tutors
  • Settle into university life, with full use of campus services and facilities
  • Gain a University Entrance qualification so you can apply for admission to the University of Auckland or another tertiary provider

Entry requirements for degree programmes

Some faculties offer limited-entry programmes, and TFC graduates may need a specific Grade Point Average (GPA) to enrol. Strong TFC grades, such as B+ and above, usually meet requirements for a BA, BCom or BSc programme, but this may vary. Check out the GPA that guarantees entry to the degree you're aiming for:

Read about the TFC grades you'll need for various degree programmes.

Weekly timetable

Your weekly timetable will consist of lectures, tutorials and laboratories. You'll also need to study in your own time. 

You'll be expected to attend from 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday. That's approximately 20 hours class time and 20 hours on research and assignments each week. 

Access to facilities and services

As a University of Auckland student, you'll be entitled to apply for a University ID card. This will allow you to access:

  • All the campus Library facilities
  • Pay as you go photocopying facilities
  • Subsidised medical and welfare services
  • Crèche facilities (Fees will apply, and early application is recommended.)
  • The University Recreation Centre and other sports clubs and facilities (Recreation Centre and some other fees apply.)

Graduation from the programme

To receive your University of Auckland Tertiary Foundation Certificate, you must pass all eight courses and the compulsory Academic Integrity module.