Fine Arts (undergraduate)


Fine Arts study at Elam provides access to a broad range of art and design activities supported in an interdisciplinary studio environment - the perfect atmosphere for creative thinking and new ideas to flourish. Elam provides an extensive array of studio, workshop and digital resources to support study at the highest level including:

  • A digital media hub with photographic, video, film and audio facilities and a state-of-the-art HD suite
  • Screen printing, intaglio and lithography facilities
  • Photography studios, darkrooms and printing facilities
  • Wood and metal workshops
  • Foundry, casting and plastic fabrication workshops
  • Dedicated Elam exhibition spaces George Fraser Gallery and Elam Projectspace Gallery

Areas of study

You will study a mix of compulsory and elective courses across a range of art forms and media and learn to interpret your ideas through drawing and other media, engage in creative problem-solving, expand your lateral thinking skills and engage in personal research and investigation. As you progress you will develop an in-depth understanding of fine arts practice through interdisciplinary studio-based instruction and engagement with our critical studies programme.

You can study Fine Arts (undergraduate) in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will gain an excellent understanding of fine arts and design through which you will develop your own personal ideas and style and build your own research-based practice. These skills will lay the foundations for a lifetime of continuous learning and personal development.

Career opportunities

Graduates of Elam have the skills required to initiate and sustain a career as an exhibiting artist. Other professional possibilities include graphic designer, secondary school teacher, photojournalist, creative director in an advertising agency, film director, illustrator, commercial photographer, arts writer, art critic, animator, art curator, art gallery director, and set designer.

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