Youth Work


Study in this subject enables you to makes a difference in the lives of young people. Through the study of  the Youth Work services major in the Bachelor of Social Work you can support young people to lead valued lives in their community, realise their true potential and help ensure they have access to the best opportunities.

Areas of study

Include the impact of socio-cultural factors on young people’s development and identity, the conceptualisation of youth, communication skills, youth issues and aspirations, developmental psychology, the impact of addictions and violence.


You can study Youth Work in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will learn how to be a strong advocate for youth. You will develop your knowledge and skills in this field and how to work effectively for and alongside young people. You will learn to analyse and assess aspects of society, social justice and social policy that relate to youth.


You will learn the skills, knowledge, strategies and interventions that enable successful engagement with people who present with behaviours and attitudes that may impede or challenge the establishment of effective working relationships.


You will also have an in-depth examination of contemporary literature, research and cutting edge strategies in youth offending and recidivist behaviours, with an emphasis on the skills necessary for working successfully with youth.


You could work in the areas of youth work, youth participation, youth development, health, educational settings, youth justice, community-based programmes and service, or go on to create your own youth initiatives. Services that you might work in include government services such as CYFS, community services, truancy, migrant and refugee support, youth health, and drug use and mental health support.


More information

You can study a Bachelor of Social Work with a major in Youth Services Practice.  Find out more.