What you can do

Think about your situation

Are you safe?

Are others close to you safe? These people may include your children, co-workers or friends. What outcome do you want? Examples may include:

  • For the abuse or the relationship to end
  • Someone supportive to talk to 
  • Flexibility in University attendance due to the abuse
  • Time to manage legal, medical, moving or other arrangements related to the abuse
  • Assistance with being safe at the University or at home.

Have you looked at:

Talk to someone at the University

You may want to seek support from a trusted friend or colleague, or from an appropriate person at the University. The links below will also help you access formal University support structures, such as flexible attendance arrangements, compassionate considerations for delayed assignments, special leave or safety planning at the University.

Get expert assistance from outside agencies

For help with safety planning at home, places of refuge, legal advice, advocacy or counselling, contact one of the many organisations available.

Make a complaint to the police

Abusive phone calls, stalking, damage to your property, threats of violence, physical abuse, sexual abuse, sex without your consent and many other forms of abusive behaviour are criminal acts.

Read more about legal help.