Download Authy for desktops, laptops and Macs

Steps for installing the Authy app for your Windows or Mac computer.

1. Download Authy for your computer:

  • If you are a staff member you can download Authy for your computer directly from the University's Software Centre
  • If you are not a staff member go to and scroll down to the desktop section

For help call the Staff Service Centre ext 86000 or + 64 9 923 6000.

2. Choose your operating system and then click on Download - find out if your computer is using a 32-bit or a 64-bit version of Windows.

Download Authy desktop version

3. Once the download is finished, open and run the setup by following the on-screen instructions

4. Enter your mobile number and email address (we recommend the use of your personal email address) then click Next

5. Select how you want to receive verification, we suggest that you select the SMS option.  

Select how you want to receive verification

6. Type the code you are sent by text message into Authy. 

Example of SMS verification code screen

7. The app will open and you need to select to add an account.

Add accounts screen

8. The next page will ask for a code to add the account. To get the code go to


  • If you do not have a linked code click Create a new token and then choose the 'Windows or Mac' tab.
  • If you do have a code click Copy token and then choose the 'Windows or Mac' tab. - select Create or Copy - select Windows or Mac

9. Copy the 32 digit code that is displayed

10. Go back to Authy, paste the code in and select Add Account

Authy - enter code

11. You will then be asked to choose an icon, name the token and select a token length. Select 6-digit.

Authy - select 6-digit

12. Click Save

13. The blue code page will display

Authy - token display

14. Type the code from the screen on the Authy app into MyToken and click on Verify and save. Do not copy and paste the code as it will not work correctly. This completes the link between the two applications.

Note: if you have already registered another digital code, like in Google Authenticator or Authy on another device, you do not need to complete this step. - set up a new token

We recommend as an additional security measure that you set up a master password in Authy.  To do this:

  1. Go to Settings at the bottom of the page
  2. Select General
  3. “Enable” the master password

Your master password must not be the same as your University of Auckland password.

To make it easier to use this app you can pin it to the taskbar of your desktop.

Authy can also be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The authenticator accounts that you setup within Authy will sync by defaulty across all your devices.

Need help?

If you still have questions or need further help please contact us:


  • Call the Staff Service Centre ext 86000 or + 64 9 923 6000
  • Submit a query to the Staff Service Centre (University Staff Only)

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