Getting started with two factor authentication

Helping you get-to-grips with two-factor authentication.

To access online services at the University of Auckland, a password alone is no longer enough. You will need to enter a code on the computers or mobile devices you trust and use to access University services.

The code is created using software. That software can be an app on your phone. You will need to download an app and have it handy when logging into sites like Canvas or the Staff Intranet. You'll only need to do this once for each device you use to access those sites and services.

It is recommended that you set this software token up on a mobile device so that you have access to the code without your computer. 

We recommend the Authy app for your mobile device but you can also use Google Authenticator if you prefer. Any University user is able to opt in. Once you have set up a token you are then required to use it.

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