Staff with Disabilities Policy


This policy applies to all staff members at the University.


To ensure that the University is a safe, inclusive, equitable and accessible environment for staff members with disabilities. This includes providing equitable employment terms and conditions and complying with statutory obligations to provide reasonable accommodation of disabilities.


1. The University is committed to equitable employment for staff members with disabilities and impairments.

2. The University will recruit and retain high performing staff members, and is committed to including staff members with disabilities.

3. The University will ensure an inclusive and accessible environment.


The following definitions apply to this document:

Disabilities refers to staff members who are: blind or Deaf; have hearing or vision impairments; impairment due to head injury; medical conditions or mental health conditions; physical or mobility impairments; speech impairments and specific learning disabilities.

Staff member means an individual who works full time or part time under an offer of employment and has recognised rights and duties.

University means the University of Auckland and includes all subsidiaries.

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Content manager: Director Staff Equity
Owner: Pro Vice-Chancellor Equity
Approved by: Vice-Chancellor
Date approved: August 2018
Review date: August 2023