Work, Life, Family and Carers Policy


All University staff members.


This policy confirms the University’s commitment to ensuring that the University workplace accommodates the reasonable requirements of staff members’ work, life, family and carer responsibilities and supports staff to achieve a balance between these responsibilities.


1. The University is committed to providing an excellent supportive working environment, and increasing staff engagement and productivity through:

  • supporting a balance between work, family and personal life
  • supporting practices which enhance staff health and wellbeing
  • providing flexible employment practices and conditions which support a balance between work, life, family and caring needs
  • accommodating the reasonable requirements of staff members’ work, life, family and carer responsibilities, wherever practicable
  • providing quality Early Childhood Education facilities on campus
  • providing access to breastfeeding facilities
  • actively promoting information, policies and guidelines relevant to the achievement of work, life and family and carer responsibilities for staff members


The following definitions apply to this document:

Carer is the “New Zealand Carers’ Strategy Action Plan for 2014 to 2018” definition of a carer: “A carer provides care for someone close to them (family or friend) who needs help with everyday living because of a health condition or disability. In many contexts, whānau, aiga and family adopt a collective caring role. Carers’ effort, understanding and compassion support people to live with dignity and participate more fully in society.”

Family is used in the broadest sense and encompasses single people, relatives of all ages including the elderly, whanau, same sex relationships, and culturally diverse family groupings.

Life refers to important aspects of a person’s life interests and can include cultural, community or other commitments.

Work refers to the period of time one spends in paid employment.

Key relevant documents

Include the following:

The International Labour Organisation has published Convention 156, which deals with work and family responsibilities. This policy has been developed after taking account of this convention. The convention is available through: Convention No. 156 International Labour Organisation

Document management and control

Content manager: Pro Vice-Chancellor, Equity
Owner: Pro Vice-Chancellor, Equity
Approved by: Vice-Chancellor
Approval date: February 2017
Review date: February 2022

Further information

More information about the University’s commitment to be a fair and inclusive place to study and work can be found on the Equity Office website.