Strategic partnerships

A ‘strategic partner’ is an institution with which the University will develop stronger and more productive collaboration as envisaged in the University’s Strategic Plan

The University’s Strategic Plan makes a clear commitment to international engagement. One of the University's initiatives is to identify strategic partners out of hundreds of individual linkages.

A ‘strategic partner’ is an institution with which the University will develop stronger and more productive collaboration. These stronger partnerships will lead to opportunities for external funding, resources and further collaboration beyond these institutions. In addition to research collaboration, the university will engage with a strategic partner in student and staff mobility, student articulation, joint partnerships and conferences, and areas of international engagement. Activities will differ at each partner institution depending on the relationship.

We formalised our first strategic partnership with Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) in 2018.

University of Auckland - Pennsylvania State University strategic partnership

Penn State and University of Auckland participants in the November 2019 Research Collaboration Development Workshop

In 2018, the University selected Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) as a strategic partner institution following an extended analysis of our international engagement. The University of Auckland is already supporting our strategic partnership through our International Central Networks and Partnerships Grant (ICNPG) - see International Opportunities. In addition, Penn State is one of the select international universities eligible for participation in the University of Auckland's Northern Hemisphere Summer Research Scholarship.

As part of our partnership-related activities, the University of Auckland hosted a two-day workshop for Penn State academics on November 18-19, 2019. This workshop provided an opportunity to develop cross-university collaborative ideas for joint research proposals.

Collaboration Development Seed Fund

Penn State and the University of Auckland have established a Collaboration Development Fund supporting a limited number of small collaboration grants. Jointly funded by the administrations and faculties of both universities, they will be used to help establish long-term collaborative research and education projects between the institutions. The online application form is now available via Penn State's Info Ready tool. Applications are due by March 15, 2020.

If you have knowledge of faculty collaborations in the context of this partnership, please contact:

Thomas Hoaglund
International Partnerships Adviser