Winter Lectures 2017 Event as iCalendar

02 August 2017 - 06 September 2017

1 - 2pm

Venue: Conference Centre Lecture Theatre

Location: Room 423-342, Symonds Street entrance level, 22 Symonds Street

Host: School of Environment

Cost: Free

Contact: Dr Francis Collins or Dr Ward Friesen

A series of six lectures on consecutive Wednesdays


Nation Transformed: the place of migration in 21st century Aotearoa-New Zealand (background image is a cityscape of Auckland, looking out towards the harbor. It spans from Herne Bay on the left to the Sky Tower on the right. The motorway interchange with streaks of car lights, and adjacent walkway is in foreground, towards the right.

The 1987 Immigration Act marked a watershed in Aotearoa-New Zealand’s recent history, adding a diversity to the migrant mix which has transformed the nation’s social and cultural fabric. Three decades on, this six-lecture series addresses the fundamental changes migration has brought and will continue to bring over the 21st century. While migration is a common topic of politics and public debate it is also poorly understood in terms of its political and economic foundation, internal mechanics and implications for communities.  

This lecture series seeks to both capture and extend the way the public imagines and engages with migration. Lectures will discuss the relationship between migration, settlement and tangata whenua; race politics and changes in the ‘preferred’ migrant; and Asian and Pacific migration. The series will also explore the nation’s relationship to its diaspora and the future of migration and settler society in the 21st century. It features renowned speakers including established and emerging scholars who will shape the intellectual debate around migration in the coming decades.


Worlding Aotearoa-New Zealand: migration and the making of national futures
2 August 2017
Dr Francis Collins and Associate Professor Ward Friesen
School of Environment, University of Auckland

The ‘desirable’ migrant and the race politics of immigration
9 August 2017
Dr Rachel Simon-Kumar
School of Population Health, University of Auckland

Never the twain shall meet? Bridging the Indigenous-Immigration research divide
16 August 2017
Professor Tahu Kukutai
National Institute of Demographic and Economic Analysis, University of Waikato

Pacific migration to Aotearoa-New Zealand: “more than meets the eye”
23 August 2017
Associate Professor Yvonne Te Ruki Rangi o Tangaroa Underhill-Sem

School of Social Sciences, University of Auckland

Chinese in the cultural mosaic: New Zealand thirty years on
30 August 2017
Emeritus Professor Manying Ip

School of Asian Studies, University of Auckland

Emigration and the rise of diaspora institutions
6 September 2017
Associate Professor Alan Gamlen

Hugo Centre for Population and Migration Research, University of Adelaide, Australia