Essential book about sustainability and resilience launched

26 May 2017
Unravelling Sustainability Book Cover -2

A book that offers new perspectives on urban sustainability and resilience has been launched at the University of Auckland.

The publication Unravelling Sustainability and Resilience in the Built Environment was co-authored by Dr Emilio Garcia from the School of Architecture and Planning in Auckland, and Professorial Research Fellow Brenda Vale from Victoria University in Wellington.

The book explores what sustainability and resilience means when applied to the built environment, how they are related to each other and why they are essential concepts for designers. 

Using case studies, the authors argue that sustainability in the built environment would benefit from a better understanding of resilience.

Dr Garcia, who is originally from Argentina, teaches sustainability at the University, including courses on architectural design, and urban resilience.

“With the world increasingly facing environmental issues, we must have a broad understanding of what resilience means,” says Dr Garcia.

Published by Routledge, the book is intended as a reference for both students and professionals.

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