Ionising radiation guidelines


Guidelines applies to all staff members, visitors, co-locators, contractors and students at the University of Auckland, who use any source/apparatus of ionising radiation in the University of Auckland.


To ensure that every person who deals with a radiation source must ensure that people and the environment are protected now and in future from the adverse effects of the radiation source by complying with fundamental requirements set out in sections 9 to 12 of the Radiation Safety Act, 2016.

Section 9: Protecting people from radiation
Section 10: Safety of radiation sources
Section 11: Security of radiation sources
Section 12: Transport, storage and disposal of radiation source

Radiation Safety Plan

Source license holder (Radiation Safety Act, 2016) are required to have radiation safety plan to demonstrate compliance with fundamental requirements that apply to the radiation source and requirements of Radiation Safety Act, 2016, regulations and codes of practice. The University of Auckland has adopted 'cradle to grave' policy. We are committed to protection and safety of all radiation sources and want to promote a culture of continuous improvement and safety.

The following resource is available to staff and students only. 

Waste Disposal Guidelines

The waste disposal plan provides a guidance on how regulatory limits for disposals of unsealed isotopes will be maintained. For waste disposal of unsealed sources at University of Auckland, please refer to waste disposal guidelines.

The following resource is available to staff and students only.

Disposal of sealed sources and irradiating apparatus needs to comply with respective codes of practice and, please write to radiation safety advisor for further advice.

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