Why live in University of Auckland Accommodation?

Live on campus your whole degree for less!

Key Facts

  • We guarantee you a bed in our Accommodation for your entire degree – whether you study with us for three years or more – undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
  • First-year residents in our Accommodation statistically perform better than non-residents, 3% with a higher pass rate and 20% with higher ‘A’ grades.
  • We offer a wide range of Accommodation scholarship opportunities to help you with your cost of living.
  • Living in our Accommodation will cost you less than trying to set up your own flat in Auckland, or even at some other universities around the country. Really, it’s true!

Recent news

“They say they’re struggling to survive – tertiary students living in mouldy, unhealthy homes, unable to afford heating or pay for essentials like good food, clothing and transport costs. Poor student life has been a rite of passage for many, so why is it worse now than ever before?” - TVNZ, Sunday, Flat Broke

This doesn’t have to be you.

Catered accommodation

The University of Auckland offers quality accommodation in the heart of Auckland City, at comparable prices to other New Zealand universities – making Auckland an affordable option.

How much will it cost? 

Below is a comparison of catered accommodation at universities in Auckland, Dunedin, Wellington, and Christchurch, using published (2022) costs which shows that the University of Auckland has very competitive rates: 

2022 Base PW / weeks 
Admin fee Resident fee Total (annual)
Waipārūrū Hall 
$435 / 38weeks $250 $270 $17,050
University Hall - Towers  $420 / 38weeks $250 $270 $16,480
Grafton Hall  $420 / 38weeks $250 $270 $16,480
O’Rorke Hall  $405 / 38weeks $250 $270 $15,910
Te Rangi Hiroa College  $500 / 38weeks $450 $330 $19,780
University College 
$460 / 38weeks $450 $330 $18,260
Katherine Jermyn Hall  $473 / 38weeks $150 $110 $18,234
Te Puni Village  $490 / 38weeks $150 $110 $18,099
Tupuānuku  $452 / 41weeks $700 $300 $19,532
Rochester & Rutherford  $454 / 39weeks $800 $250 $18,756

* At the University of Auckland, our residential fee includes electricity, internet, water, food, on-site laundry, and membership to the University’s gym. 

Accommodation scholarships 

The University offers a range of scholarships opportunities, including scholarships specific to Accommodation. Whether you’re starting in Semester One or Two, Māori, Pacific, or a high achiever, there are many ways to get support for your living costs while studying with us. 

Self-catered Accommodation

Our University-managed, self-catered residences offer you a more independent lifestyle just steps away from the University, at rates comparable with the cost of living in private accommodation in Auckland. 

How much will it cost? 

Below is a comparison of self-catered accommodation in Auckland, Wellington, and a room in a shared private house in Auckland, using approximate (2023) weekly living costs.

Note: the stories below are fictional student personas, so we can share with you the different types of experiences you might have as a student in Auckland. These people aren’t real, but the numbers are! 

2023 "Britney" at UoA, Carlaw Park Student Village "Mike" at UoA, private room
Accommodation $300 / 52 weeks $300*
Electricity Included in residence fee $23
Internet Included in residence fee $8
On-site laundry (washer & dryer) Access and use included in residence fee $8
Household insurance $8 $8
Food** $135
Transport (bus or train from nearby suburbs) Residences are walking distance from campus $35
Gym membership Included in residence fee $27
Additional in-home academic and personal support Included and priceless Not included
Estimated weekly costs $443 $536

*Cost of living calculations based on Numbeo research.
**Food and groceries calculations based on IRD Household Expenditure Guide.

At the University of Auckland, aside from rent our self-catered residence costs include:

  • A fully furnished room
  • Utilities and wifi
  • A communal lounge, dining room and kitchen
  • Games room and music room
  • On-site laundry (washer & dryer)
  • Security, on-site support staff, and front desk reception
  • Gym membership, and
  • Events programme.

Why I chose to live in Carlaw Park Student Village

Kia ora, my name is Britney. I’m a second-year student at the University of Auckland, studying a Bachelor of Arts in English and Communication. I live at Carlaw Park Student Village, which is a fully furnished self-catered hall. While I pay for my own groceries, which costs me about $135/week, all my rent and utilities (like water, electricity, internet) are all included in my weekly expenses for just $320/week! Living just down the road from City Campus, I’m able to walk to class every day. I find the environment at Carlaw Park to be supportive. I love my RA, who helped me when I was going through a tough time personally. Since I lived in the halls my first year, I already have a solid group of friends on campus. We like to meet up at the gym, which is free for residents and only a block away from where I live. All the support I have around me has enabled me to succeed both in my classes and personal life. I don’t worry about juggling bills and study, as it’s all taken care of for me in my single Accommodation expense. Overall, I pay $463/week, which fits my budget.

Why I chose to live in my own private room in Auckland

Hi, my name is Mike. I’m a third-year student at the University of Auckland, studying a Bachelor of Business in Commerce. I found my own private room to rent in a shared house in Parnell for $299/week. I wanted to have my own independence, so I found my own place which I paid to furnish myself. Every week I coordinate with my roommates to split the bills. We each pay $8 for internet, $8 for insurance, and $23 for electricity and water. Staying fit and active is important to me too, so I also joined a gym near my house, which costs $27/week. I take the bus to campus, which costs me $35/week and takes about an hour round-trip. Overall, my expenses cost me $535/week, if I can budget my food costs down to $135/week.

100 Reasons to stay on campus

  • #18: I've quadrupled my friend group and my wardrobe
  • #19: I don't have to be stuck in traffic every day
  • #24: I can go from the dining table to the ping pong table in minutes
  • #29: Dinner dates with friends every day
  • #34: Even though I'm away from mum, my whānau is right here
  • #38: I get to do all the adulting without the admin
  • #39: I can sleep in
  • #41: Flexible living options
  • #44: When something new opens in the city, I'm the first one there
  • #53: It’s like on massive whānau
  • #62: 24/7 security so mum doesn't worry
  • #72: My housing is sorted for my whole degree
  • #76: Living in NZ's biggest city means I can find a part time job
  • #99: My neighbours are my study crew