Actively Well

Our Actively Well programme is designed to help break down barriers that may be preventing you from being able to engage in physical wellbeing. If you’re a student who needs a little extra support we are here to help.

What we help with:

Physical wellbeing is an important component to your overall health. Every person’s journey is unique and just because there may be a barrier now, it doesn’t mean we can’t partner together to create options that work for you. 

If any of the following applies to you, please reach out to us:

  • Health issues or injury
  • Physical disability
  • Neurodiversity
  • Mental health challenges
  • Financial difficulties
  • Isolation

What we offer:

Support, guidance, and education around the following:


I really appreciate your help through all this and I’m both surprised and stoked at how much having routine exercise is helping with my mental health and attitude towards school.

Althea, student

The one-on-one consultations were particularly impactful for me. The personalized advice and support provided by the Actively Well team helped me create a fitness plan that suited my specific needs and schedule. Additionally, the group fitness classes not only improved my physical fitness but also provided a sense of community and belonging. I made several friends when joining the group fitness classes.

Anonymous student

We're able to meet you either online or in person. Head to the Sport and Rec portal to check availability.

If you or someone you know needs additional wellbeing support that falls outside of our Actively Well offerings, please reach out to the Te Papa Manaaki | Campus Care team.

Please note, all support is free and confidential.