Personal training and assessments

Our qualified and experienced Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers will help you you get the most out of your time at the Recreation Centre.

Our in-house Fitness Instructors offer a wide range of specialised services (as well as free on the floor advice and spotting heavy lifts) from Fit3D scans to exercise plans to help you reach a goal or train for a specific event. Our Fitness Instructors charge a low, set fee for their services, and you can book at Rec Centre Reception. 

Our Personal Trainers can provide you a more long term, or regular assistance with training. Personal Trainers pricing varies and you can book in directly with them via their contact details below. If you need someone to train you consistently, or for a longer period to keep you motivated a Personal Trainer is the way to go. 

Meet our personal trainers

Price and contact information

We also offer small group training through our Premium Programmes.

Exercise plans

New to the gym? Working towards a specific goal? Just looking for some added motivation? Our in-house Fitness Instructors can take you through an initial consultation, assessment and take you through a personalised exercise plan to kick start your training.

Whether your goals include general health, muscular development, fat-loss, sports performance, cardiovascular training or injury rehabilitation we have trainers that can work with you to achieve your goals.

Initial Consultation package includes:  

  • One on one consultation and goal setting
  • Fit3D body composition scan
  • Fitness assessment
  • Personalised exercise plan 
  • One on one session to go through your exercise plan 

For availability and bookings head to Rec Centre Reception. Intial consultation packages are $45 for UoA students. 

Fit3D Body Scanner

The Fit3D scanner is a new tool to measure your body composition, anthropometrics and posture. This is done via scanning your body using state of the art infrared cameras and providing you with a 360-degree view of yourself.   It can also be useful to gauge longer-term change in your body composition.

How accurate is the scanner?

It is likely your results will be slightly higher than previous measures such as the ISAK body fat test.  This primarily due to the Fit3D test conducting a scan of the entire body while other measures only assess a specific site (for example the bicep and triceps).  
Research has found that the Fit3D scanner to produce valid and reliable
results when compared to gold standard measures such as DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry) scans. However, factors such as time of day (morning and
night), food consumption and hydration status can affect results. To reduce
errors in future tests, we recommend you consume foods and fluids that are
closely related to any previous assessments.

What else do I need to know?

Scans need to be done in your underwear.  While scans can be complete in clothing, please know that this will not produce valid result. This is because the
scanners will mould to the contours of your clothing rather than your
skin.  If you do not wish to be scanned in your underwear, please wear tight fitting ‘skins’ for the test.  There is a private area in the fitness testing room where you can change and complete the scan on your own.  The scan itself will only take a few minutes.  Shortly after the scan you will receive a report by email which, if you are happy to share on your phone or webmail, your trainer will be able to help you to interpret.  You will receive another email within 48 hours with your postural report.  If you would like help interpreting this, please let us know and we can make another appointment to help you understand the postural results and to generate a training plan to help address any imbalances if present.

Personal programmes

Once you have completed your initial consultation and followed your programme for a number of weeks, you will be ready for an updated programme. We always recommend pairing a programme with a consultation and scan so your trainer can tailor the programme to reflect your progress.

We recommend updating your training programme every 6-8 weeks. Your trainer can then design you a new programme that will challenge you to achieve more. 

Nutrition session

Do you have questions around nutrition that you want answered? Our qualified nutritionists can help with advice and support over a half hour session. 

We can help answer questions and give general advice about various areas of nutrition, including weight loss, muscle gain, toning, general healthy eating, portion sizes, and more.

You will not only receive personalised advice, you will also receive appropriate resources to take away with you to help kick start your nutrition journey.

Price: $25 per session

Email or pop into reception to book a session now!

Please note meal plans are not included in these sessions.

Bookings and payments

If you would like to make a booking for a consultation, scan or programme head to Rec Centre Reception. 

Payment needs to be made prior to any bookings.

Credits can be used to purchase a single Fit3D scan, a consultation and fitness assessment or a programme update.

Description Student price Non-student price
Initial consultation package $45 $60
One credit $30 $40
Three credits $70 $90
Five credits $100 $150


For more information, please see a team member at Rec Centre reception on the ground floor of the Recreation Centre, 70 Stanley Street.