Enrol in University Health and Counselling

Find out how to make University Health and Counselling your Primary Healthcare Organisation.

In light of COVID-19, we will be reducing the number of patients we see face to face to allow for physical distancing. Therefore we will be increasing the number of appointments over the phone. If you have an appointment or need an appointment please do not come to the practice, instead please ring us on 0800 698 427 and we can arrange for a nurse to contact.

If you are worried you have coronavirus or have flu like symptoms please DO NOT come into our practice, instead call us on 0800 698 427.

How to enrol

Register the University Health and Counselling Service as your Primary Health Organisation. 

Enrol via the online form 

Fill out and submit the online form below. 

Please note online enrolment is currently only avaliable for students on the City Campus. If you're at Grafton or Epsom, please fill out and email the downloable form below. 

Enrol by email 

Download the form below and email it to uhsinfo@auckland.ac.nz. We will take care of the process from there.

Please note if you're at Grafton or Epsom campus, you must enrol via this downloadable form. 


Note: Once your form has been processed and you're officially enrolled, you need to have your free new patient appointment with a nurse before seeing a doctor. 

You can book an appointment via 0800 698 427 or can pop into the clinic. We recommend doing this as soon as possible.


  • Primary Healthcare Organisation (PHO) enrolment is only available to those who are New Zealand permanent residents or citizens, and those who are considered "domestic students". To enrol with University Health and Counselling, you must be a current student at the University.
  • To enable a safe transfer of care of patients, UHCS allows a small grace period for ex-students to transition to a new health care provider. It is important that once you are no longer a student, you enrol to a alternative health care provider in the community as soon as you can.
  • If the person has re-enrolled in a course of study at the University, their details will remain on the system, and they will continue to be an enrolled patient in UHCS.

For more information about PHO enrolment, visit Procare.


  • If you enrol with University Health and Counselling as your PHO, you will receive low-cost health and medical services.
  • You will also pay less for prescriptions.

Note: Counselling services are available free of charge to all domestic students.

Students enrolled with another PHO

We will only see non PHO-enrolled students if it is an emergency.

You don't need to be a PHO-enrolled student to use our counselling services, but it may help if you need medical assistance along with counselling.

If you are an international student

  • If you have an insurance policy with our preferred insurer Allianz, we will look after all the paperwork for you. In some cases, some services may not be covered by your insurance but we will let you know about this or any other extra costs that you might need to pay for.
  • If you have an insurance policy with another insurance provider, you will need to pay for your visit and then liaise with your insurer so that you can be reimbursed for the cost.
  • To register, download and print the International Student Registration Form. Once you've completed and signed the form, please return it to us at our City, Grafton or Epsom campus.