Aegrotat or compassionate consideration for written tests

Apply if your personal circumstances are significantly affecting your test performance or preparation.

Written test aegrotat and compassionate applications are not yet available online and must be submitted in hard copy.

The medical and counselling criteria for aegrotat or compassionate consideration written test applications are the same as those for exam applications. However, there are a few key differences in the process:

  • You must apply for each test individually within 7 days of the individual test date at University Health and Counselling Services (UHCS).
  • There is an application fee of $10 for each written test application which is paid at UHCS.
  • The Examinations Office will pass your application onto your department who will consider it internally and inform you directly of the outcome (normally within 21 days of the test).

Please ensure that you have read and understood the information on the form about applying for aegrotat and compassionate consideration before applying.