Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between aegrotat and compassionate consideration?

An aegrotat is used for medical reasons such as illness or injury and a compassionate consideration is used for all other personal circumstances such as bereavement, family issues.  The applications are referred to moderators who are medically trained or counselling trained. Once the application has been approved and sent to the relevant department for academic review, there is no difference in the applications.

For more information about applying for an aegrotat or compassionate consideration

Can I apply for an aegrotat/compassionate consideration after the deadline?

Unfortunately, due to University regulations we are unable to accept applications past the 7 day deadline.  

Will an aegrotat or compassionate consideration affect my GPA?

An aegrotat grade won’t affect your GPA but it will show on your transcript as AGT (aegrotat) grade. 

Please note that under university regulations no more than one third of the total points value credited to a degree or diploma may be awarded with an aegrotat or compassionate grade.