Aegrotat or compassionate consideration

Apply for an aegrotat or compassionate consideration if your personal circumstances are temporary and have significantly affected your test or exam performance or preparation.

To be eligible for an aegrotat or compassionate consideration:

  • Your personal circumstances must be of a temporary nature and have significantly impacted your ability to sit, or seriously impaired your preparation and/or performance in your exam. Temporary is considered within two weeks prior to the affected test or exam.
  • To receive an exam aegrotat or compassionate consideration, your coursework must be at the minimum pass standard (C- or above). 
  • An application must be completed no later than seven days (inclusive) after the affected test or exam. If more than one exam is affected an application should be completed no later than seven days (inclusive) after your last affected exam. For example, if your last affected exam was on the 20th of the month, you must submit your application no later than end of day on the 26th.
  • You need to provide a statement to support your application, outlining how your test or exam was significantly affected by your circumstances. You will be asked to upload supporting documentation or evidence to support your circumstances where such evidence can be reasonably obtained.

Please note you cannot edit your application once it has been submitted. You don't need to apply prior to the exam. Please read through the FAQ page before you apply.

For more information about the application process.

How to apply

Aegrotat and compassionate consideration applications for final exams and tests can be made online at

If you need some guidance on making an online application for an aegrotat or compassionate consideration, please refer to the Student User Guide.