Three Minute Thesis Inter-University Masters Final

The University of Auckland was proud to host the online New Zealand Inter-University Masters Final in 2023, showcasing the presentations of 3MT Masters winners from universities across New Zealand.

Congratulations to all of the finalists, whose presentations can be viewed here.

First place

University of Auckland: Robbie Delany

How does Air Pollution Affect the Brain?

Runner up

University of Canterbury: Gladys Tan

Does the amount of citric acid matter?

People's Choice

University of Waikato: Poppy Joaquina Romera

Aboveground Restoration in Urban Greenspaces: Can it promote human and wildlife health by influencing their microbiomes?

Other finalists

Lincoln University: Jay McKendrey

Saccharomyces City

University of Otago: Finn Dobbie

A genomic analysis of sequestrate and mushroom forming fungi - The DNA behind being a ball, or being an umbrella.

Victoria University of Wellington: Takuma Ohashi

We Can Do Better Than Data Sharing Agreements