Three Minute Thesis Inter-University Masters Final

The University of Auckland is proud to host the online New Zealand Inter-University Masters Final in 2022, showcasing the presentations of 3MT masters winners from universities across New Zealand.


Katie Fenton, University of Otago

Katie Fenton (Division of Sciences) took out first prize, with her presentation on: 'He whakarauora tuaki: Understanding adult sheltering of juvenile cockles and how this can impact conservation efforts'.

Runner-up & People's Choice Award winner

Rebekah Bradley, University of Auckland

Rebekah Bradley (Faculty of Science) received the runner-up award and People's Choice Award with her presentation on: 'Assessment of the MinION as a platform for forensic sequencing of Mitochondrial DNA'.


Humaira Sidiqi, Auckland University of Technology

Humaira Sidiqi (Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies) presents 'What do we know about terrorism in Afghanistan?'.

James Eggers, Lincoln University

James Eggers (Department of Environment, Society and Design) presents 'Taking Stock of New Zealand's Native Birds'.

Jane McMecking, University of Canterbury

Jane McMecking presents 'Oh Dam! Modelling the Hazard and Risk of Landslide Dam Outburst Flooding on the West Coast'.

Jessie Burnette, University of Waikato

Jessie Burnette (Te Kura Toi School of Arts) presents 'Narratives of Fatigue: From Modernist Literature to the Covid-19 Pandemic'.