Blues Awards

If you excel in sports, the arts, or have made a valuable contribution as a leader in your community, you could be nominated for a Blues Award.

2016 Blues Awards

The 2016 awards ceremony was held on Thursday 22 September at Shed 10 on the waterfront. 152 Blues were awarded to students who had achieved in sports, the arts and service and leadership.

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What are Blues Awards?

The Blues Awards are part of a tradition from England. The blue colours of Oxford and Cambridge Universities came to symbolise sporting excellence.

Blues Awards history in New Zealand

The earliest recorded Blue in New Zealand was awarded in 1922 to H.J. Wiley for athletics. The tradition has been firmly embraced since 1930.

Categories of the award

While a Blues Award has traditionally been a sporting accolade, there are now three categories of the award at the University of Auckland:

  • Sports
  • Arts
  • Service and Leadership.

Nomination criteria for 2016

  • The University of Auckland Blues Selection Panel reviewed nominations.
  • All nominations were based upon activities completed between 1 January 2015 and 29 July 2016.
  • Students must have been enrolled in the University at the time of the activities on which the nomination is based, although they may have graduated since then. Students may have self-nominated, but included a reference in their application.

Individuals were assessed against the following criteria for each award:

Sports Blue

Successful nominees have represented their region, province or country in their chosen field and been a credit to their sport.

Arts Blue

Successful nominees have achieved external success in their chosen field which may include (but is not limited to) dance, dramatic and cultural performance, artworks, architecture, design, film or media, writing, music, song, debating or oration. Students have shown diligence and commitment in their area.

Blues in Arts are awarded for achievements at an international, national or regional level.

Service and Leadership Blue

In assessing nominations, the panel considered the following criteria:

Contribution and impact

  • How the student has demonstrated a significant contribution to their community - either at a local, regional, national or international level.
  • The value and benefit of their contributions at these levels.
  • Demonstrate leadership and initiative in setting direction, supporting others and bringing about change.

Leadership and initiative

  • The student’s involvement in setting the direction of a group, organisation or cause in which they are involved.
  • How far they have taken the lead in a project or area of work which is complex in nature to achieve a positive outcome for their organisation or peers.
  • Their efforts to support, mentor, train or encourage others.
  • Their ability to identify recurring problems and take steps to minimise or eliminate them.

Major Awards

From all nominations, the panel selected individuals for Major Awards. The categories are:

  • Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year Award
  • Māori Sportsperson of the Year Award
  • Award for the Most Meritorious Performance (Sport)
  • Award for the Most Meritorious Performance (Arts)
  • Award for the most outstanding contribution (Service and Leadership).

Contact details

For questions about the Blues Awards,  phone +64 9 923 8017 or email