Support for students making complaints

The University is committed to providing a seamless and high-quality Waipapa Taumata Rau experience for all students, supporting participation, achievement, and success across all levels of learning and research. Where possible we encourage the prompt and informal resolution of student complaints as they arise.

If something goes wrong, there are a number of supports available to you to help resolve your issue, or to provide advice on progressing a formal complaint. These are:

If your issue can’t be resolved through one of these channels and you wish to make a formal complaint to the University, there are a number of avenues to follow depending on the nature of the complaint.

Academic Disputes and Complaints

Academic complaints relate to allegations of unfair treatment by a staff member or inadequate teaching, advice, assessment and evaluation; disagreements about the satisfactory progress of research; ways of establishing/maintaining an effective working relationship between a student and a staff member; and access to resources required by the student in order to meet the requirements of their course of study.

Behavioural issues

As part of its commitment to being safe, inclusive and equitable, the University has policies and processes for addressing inappropriate behaviour, like bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Service Complaints

As well as academic services, a wide range of other services is provided to support student learning and student life on campus. It is usually best to raise any concerns directly with the service division or department, however if you want to formally register your concerns, you can do so via an online form.