AUSA Student Advice Hub


We provide advice on academic, financial or personal issues. We make sure you’re treated fairly and with respect while you study. Besides lending a sympathetic ear, we can offer advice about your rights, university procedures, and refer you to other services you might find helpful. We aim to help improve the quality of student life at the University of Auckland through advocacy, welfare and advice.

We can:

  • Offer a safe space for you to discuss your concerns, complaints or issues.
  • Help you understand the university processes for complaints and grievances.
  • Support you to address barriers to achieving your academic goals.
  • Support you with personal issues including harassment and bullying.
  • Provide you with access to financial support.
  • Assist you with general legal advice including tenancy and employment.


If you get a letter from the University of Auckland alleging you've plagiarised or cheated in your assessment or exam, contact us straight away. We can work with you to provide support, explain the process and accompany you to any meetings or hearings you're required to attend.

Disciplinary Action

If you find yourself in the position of having to face a disciplinary hearing, contact us straight away. We can help by advising you of your rights, the process and consequences, and we can attend the hearing with you as your support person.

Contact us to make an appointment or complete our Student Advice Hub Enquiry form.

Our services are completely free, so don't hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us

Auckland University Students Association
Old Choral Hall
Building 104, rooms G09, G11 and G15
Alfred Street
City Campus

Phone: 09 923 7294