Move from Google using SyncBack Pro

How to move from Google using SyncBackPro for Windows


Windows users can use a 30 day trial of SyncBack Pro to copy Google Photos or Google Drive contents to a local drive.

SyncBack Pro instructions:

  1.  Download the 30 day trial from here:
  2.  Run the downloaded file and follow the installation steps
  3.  At SyncBackPro Welcome and Serial Number Input, click Evaluate
  4.  Click New to create a new profile, entering a name. Choose Backup
  5.  Change the Source to Google Photos (it's towards the bottom of the list of sources)
  6.  You need to check you have have sufficient local disk space if you haven't already.
  7.  At the Google Photos screen, just click Connect to Google Photos - don't try and fill in any details in the Account field
  8.  A browser window will open and ask you to sign in to Google. Click your account if it gives you an option of multiple accounts
  9. Make sure that there are ticks next to everything SyncBackPro needs to access and click Continue
  10.  A long string of text and numbers will appear. Copy this by clicking the Copy button to the right of it
  11.  Go back to SyncBackPro's authorisation code window and press CTRL-V to paste the code. Click OK
  12.  Your account will now appear in the Account field. Click Done
  13.  At the Profile Setup page use the folder icon next to the Destination field to choose a folder to put your photos or files. This must have sufficient space to fit.
  14.  Some more information will appear under Description of this profile. Click OK
  15.  Click Yes to Would you like to perform a simulated run for this profile?
  16.  The simulation window will show you files that would be copied and their new location - it doesn't actually copy any photos. Check that the photos or files would be copied to the correct location
  17.  Go back to the Profiles windows, highlight the backup profile you created above and click Run. SyncBackPro will now backup to your local computer. You need to keep your computer on, not in power-saving mode and SyncBackPro running during this.

I’ve accidentally deleted folders from Google Drive, how do I get them back?

  1. Go to Bin on the left-hand side
  2. Highlight the folder or file to restore, Right-click
    and select Restore