Move to a Personal Google Drive

How to move your files from your University Google Drive to a personal Google Drive

1. Setup a personal Google Subscription

Setup a personal Google subscription (if you don’t have one already)

Watch the instructional video

2. Copy Shared files

Google TakeOut won't copy files that have been shared with you.

To copy them:

  1. Create a new folder in your Google Drive to move all your shared items into
  2. Go to "Shared with Me" and add all the shared items from there to the new folder in your drive

3. Run Google Transfer


Google Transfer doesn't transfer any files in Google Photos. If you want to transfer photos you will also need to follow the instructions to transfer Google Photos.

  1. Login to your Google Drive with your University details
  2. Go to Google Transfer
  3. Enter the destination personal google account email address and click Send code
  4. Check your personal Gmail for the Verifying your account email. Click on Get confirmation code
  5. Select the code and press CTRL +C to copy it, or write the code down
  6. Go back to your Google Transfer browser tab, enter the code and click Verify
  7. Select Drive to transfer using the sliders and then click Start Transfer
  8. Your files will be transferred in the background by Google over the next week. You can shutdown your computer and any application in the meantime – the transfer is not dependent on your computer now
  9. You will receive an email when the copy has completed

4. Check the copied files

Where to find your files

All content will be copied into a folder labelled with your University account name and the date you initiated the copy process.

What WILL be Transferred

  • Files in Folders in Google Drive that are OWNED by you
  • Shared files that have been “Added to Drive” (Step 2 on this page) will be copied but the new file will NOT be shared with collaborators

What will NOT Transfer

  • Images stored under “Google Photos”
  • “Shared with Me” Files that have NOT been “Added to Drive”
  • Google Sites, Google Forms, Google MyMaps & other third- party content in Drive

5. Delete the old files

Google Transfer copies your files - it doesn't move them. Once you have checked and are happy that you have all the files you need please remove the originals from your University Google Drive.

To remove files and folders

  1. Highlight the file or folder
  2. Right-click and select Remove
  3. Click Move to bin

I’ve accidentally deleted folders from Google Drive, how do I get them back?

  1. Go to Bin on the left-hand side
  2. Highlight the folder or file to restore, Right-click
    and select Restore