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How do I use OneDrive on mobile devices?

OneDrive is made for mobile devices. Access any of the files you were using on your computer from a mobile device. You can also sync files from your phone to back them up and make them accessible from your computer. 

How do I share files?

By default only you can access your OneDrive files. If you want to work with another student or member of staff in the University then you can share individual files or folders. You control whether they can edit them or just read them and you can remove their access whenever you wish.

To find out how to share OneDrive files and folders.

How can I be sure that my files have synced correctly to OneDrive?

  1.  Hover over the Blue cloud icon on your taskbar. If it says Up to date then all the folders you've chosen to synchronise to OneDrive have been updated.
  2. You can also check OneDrive online to make sure the files and folders you expect to see are there.
    1. Login to Office 365 using this link:
    2. In the top left corner click the 9 dot app launcher and select OneDrive under Apps
    3.  You can now browse through folders and see if it appears to mirror what you expect.

What are the limitations with OneDrive?

OneDrive limitations

  • Each file saved to OneDrive must be no larger than 100GB
  • The entire file path, including folder name can't contain more than 255 characters
  • Filenames or folder names containing any of the following invalid characters will need to be renamed in order to be saved to OneDrive: \ / : * ? " < > |
  • Filenames or folder names containing the following:  .lock, CON, PRN, AUX, NUL, COM0 - COM9, LPT0 - LPT9, _vti_, desktop.ini, any filename starting with ~$
  • Don't move a file or folder while it's being synchronised

How do I fix issues with OneDrive?