Campus Card terms and conditions


All members of the University.


To clarify the nature and purpose of the University Campus Card. 


The University aims to provide a safe and secure environment, where affiliated parties can be easily and quickly identified.

The Campus Card has been designed to provide a single, centrally managed, multi-purpose identity (ID) card that serves as both a form of University identification and credential for interaction with the University.

A University Campus Card allows current affiliated users access to a range of Campus Card services including library and print services, access to campus facilities, and more.


University identification

  1. The Campus Card is to be used to identify an individual as an affiliated user at the University.
  2. The front of the Campus Card must contain the card holder’s name (preferred first name if one is present), photograph, and affiliation with the University and ID number.
  3. The back of the Campus Card must contain the card holder’s legal name, barcode number, magnetic stripe and brief terms of use, date of issuance and date of expiry.
  4. The Campus Card remains the property of the University and expires when the user is no longer affiliated with the University.
  5. A Campus Card is for the exclusive use of the individual to whom it was issued.
  6. Cards must not be loaned or given to anyone else at any time.
  7. It may not be lent or transferred to another person and should be carried at all times to verify an individual’s identity to University officials.
  8. University personnel may request additional identification to ensure that a Campus Card belongs to the individual presenting the card.
  9. The card must not be accepted if the photo on the card does not resemble the individual presenting the card.
  10. The Campus card must be used as identification to access a number of areas and services across the University such as Library and Recreational and Print services.

Card issuance

  1. Campus Cards must only be issued once a valid affiliation has been confirmed via enrolment or Human Resources.
  2. Staff member and Contractor Campus Cards are to be issued at the time of hiring and are arranged via the hiring manager. 

Campus cash

  1. The Campus Card will allow users the ability to put monetary value on to the card called campus cash.
  2. Campus cash can only be spent on campus at participating locations including printing and copying services.
  3. Users will have access to a balance management system, which will allow for the funding and consumption of printing services.
  4. At the end of their association with the University individuals are entitled to a one time refund of funds left on their campus card.

Misuse and tampering

  1. In cases of misuse the Campus Card Office must be notified and use of the card will then be suspended.
  2. Tampering with a Campus Card, a card reader, data line, or any related equipment, may subject the cardholder to disciplinary procedures.
  3. If you witness misuse of a card or card reader, please call the University of Auckland Contact Centre on (09) 373 7599.

Change in Campus Card policy

  1. The University reserves the right to make reasonable changes in the Campus Card Policy.
  2. Changes in the Campus Card policy will apply to all Campus Card holders.
  3. New policies will supersede polices in effect when the card was issued and/or validated.
  4. The University will notify cardholder of any changes in the Campus Card Policy and of the date on which the changes will become effective.


Card issuance

  1. The first Campus Card issued for each user will not incur any charge. A replacement Campus Card will incur a $20 fee.   
  2. The fee stated above may be waived by the University if the card can be shown to have a manufacturing fault.    
  3. Individuals are required to return the faulty card to the Campus Card office before a replacement card is issued.      
  4. This fee does not apply when the individual has officially recorded a name change with the University, provided the old ID card is turned in. Note - Please see the University’s policy on name changes for more information on current processes.    
  5. Cards for staff members must be collected by the manager/supervisor and returned to the Campus Card Office when employment with the University is terminated.      
  6. If the collection of a Campus Card is not possible, the manager/supervisor must contact the Campus Card Office to notify them.

Lost of stolen Campus Card

Note - To report your Campus Card lost or stolen please visit the link to the self-service portal

  1. If you have door access attached to your Campus Card you must call security on 0800 373 7550 immediately to have your card changed for access.     
  2. By reporting your card as lost or stolen, you are suspending the functionality of your card. 
  3. If you find your card subsequently, you can reactivate it as long as you have not replaced it already.     
  4. Until notice has been received, you will be responsible for all use of your Campus Card, whether or not such use is authorized by you until the card is suspended.
  5. Upon issuance of a replacement Campus Card, any existing campus cash balance will be accessible through the new card. Note - once your old Campus Card is replaced due to theft or loss, it is de-activated and cannot be re-activated should you find it at a later date.

Expiry of cards

  1. All Campus Cards will expire 6 years from the date of issuance.      
  2. Should you continue to remain affiliated to the University after such date, a new card will be issued at no cost.   
  3. Should you at any time discontinue affiliation with the university but return within 6 years, your card will still be valid.

Digital photograph

  1. The photograph provided for a Campus Card must not be more than two years old at the time of printing.     
  2. Your photograph image will be used on your Campus Card and may also be used on various other University systems to identify you.      
  3. If you have provided your own photograph, you grant the University a non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use your photograph on your Campus Card and on University systems or directories.      
  4. For identity purposes, hats and head coverings must not be worn for the photograph on the Campus Card, unless it is worn daily for religious beliefs or medical reasons.      
  5. However, the individual’s full face must be clearly visible, and the head covering must not cast any shadows on the individual’s face.