MyCDES and MyCDES+ (Job Board)

Find out more about how our world-renowned career development platforms, MyCDES and MyCDES+, can support you on the road to employability.


MyCDES and MyCDES+ are the University of Auckland's online career management platforms that allow you to:

Book 1:1 appointments with our Career Development and Employability Consultants Develop your CV and cover letters, learn about career planning, interview, networking and job-search skills
Secure your place at our workshops and employer recruitment events Search and apply for jobs via our job board, including internships and graduate programmes, part-time/casual roles and full-time positions
Access interactive online modules and resources covering topics such as 'How to create a CV' and 'How to find work and create opportunities' and cover letter checks Utilise self-service career tools, including our online CV builder

About MyCDES+

"I absolutely love working with MyCDES+. One of my favourite tools is the CV360 that helped me strategically design my CV with section-specific personalised recommendations. I love the fact that the tool provides these suggestions based on ATS and industry specific keywords which helps me to understand where and how I could make the necessary changes to make my profile stand out. Another tool I really loved was the CV Builder which was very quick and effective in designing a structured and role specific CV. These new additions help me feel a lot more confident in my job search"

Tarini (current University of Auckland student)

What can you expect to find in MyCDES+?

Increased self-service options, helping you tailor content specifically to the stage you're at on your career journey. The updates to the new resources include:

Improved Job search capability

Our job board gives you access to the most comprehensive, relevant & up-to-date source of jobs – both in New Zealand and at a global level! You can:

  • Search millions of jobs, in over 50 countries, from thousands of job sites, newspapers, recruiters & company career sites
  • Set up email alerts when new jobs are found matching your criteria
  • One- click application process for a selection of roles when you upload your CV/resume into MyCDES+
  • Access to jobs 24x7 on any device via MyCDES+ web platform & mobile app


Your CV isn’t the be all and end all to landing your dream job, but a good one will certainly increase your chances of getting your foot in the door.

If you want to see how good your CV is, check out our free online tool - CV360. You can use it anytime, anywhere and receive instant tailored feedback and tips on how to improve your CV.

Not only is your CV scored against more than 50 checks, which commonly trip up an Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), annoy a hiring manager or get your CV de-prioritised, you’ll also get feedback on the following:

  • Presentation
  • Structure
  • Content
  • Language

In addition to instant feedback, you will also receive advice, tips and employer insight and best practices to help boost your knowledge and confidence.

MyCareer Check

Self-assessment tool which measures your employability by:

  • Making you rate yourself on a collection of statements designed to assess career confidence
  • Generating bespoke employability reports which present learning priorities, progress against your ratings and advises on next steps to continue employability development
  • Suggesting programmes of activity to work through, designed for each of your attributes
  • Allowing you to retake at any time, to continue real-time employability assessment 


Have you been shortlisted for an interview? Not sure what video interviews are all about? Now you can practice answering tailored interview questions based on your CV, and get instant feedback using Interview360 on MyCDES+.

Interview360 gives you tailored feedback on your interview performance and tips on how you can improve. It provides feedback on your:

  • Body language
  • Communication and Speech
  • Camera Position
  • Video Quality

Access to hundreds of e-learning courses

Our new e-learning courses cover subjects across all core workplace skills. These ensure you have the core skills for the workplace, with topics including:

  • Self-management
  • Team working
  • Commercial awareness
  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Application of numeracy and IT to future proof your career

This is just a taster of what the system can do - now it's time for you to log in and take a look around! Make the most of our new, improved system, which is here to help you unlock your employability potential!


MyCDES+ Frequently asked questions



What internet browser should I use?

Abintegro supports the major internet browsers on both PC and MAC platforms including Internet Explorer v.9 and above, Firefox, Chrome, Safari. Where possible we always recommend using the latest version.

Who can I contact for help?

For help click the green help button on the right hand side of the window. For account issues write a message in the box provided and click Send. For technical help, write a message in the box provided, tick 'this is a technical issue' and click Send.

Can I share content?

Go the toolbar at the bottom and click on the Share icon. You can share this link externally with other users on email and social media accounts etc. or on your virtual learning environment/ intranet. Generating a standard external link copies a link to the page you are currently on to your clipboard.

Where do I go to book a workshop, one-on-one appointment or recruitment event?

Head over to MyCDES. This is still used as our booking system for all of our services including workshops, one-on-one appointments and employer recruitment events. There is also a tab located at the top of MyCDES+ called MyEvents - this will also take you to the booking system.

Can I still get my CV checked by a Career Development and Employability Consultant?

Yes you can, however you need to have received a 90% pass rate or higher in CV360 in order to get your CV checked with a career development consultant. Head over CV360 where you can start making updates to your CV now. 

I don’t have a CV; how can I create one?

MyCDES+ has a CV and cover letter builder, allowing you to start from scratch or use one of their many templates. You can then use CV360 to check your score, which will help you optimise your CV for humans and machines - you are aiming for a score of 80% or higher. 

I’m in my first year, is it too early to start planning my career?

No way, it's never too early! MyCDES+ has heaps of tools you can use such as MyCareer Check, which will help you find out how employable you are through a short test. MyApplication Tools also has heaps of resources to help you build your skills and confidence when you're applying for jobs and supporting you through the application process. 

I’ve been asked to complete a video interview, is there someone I can practice with?

Head over to MyApplication tools and access the Interview360 tool. There’s a range of mock interviews you can take to test your ability and come up with strong, confident, well-thought-through answers under time pressure. You’ll get instant feedback and advice, and every question you answer will make you a stronger candidate.

However, this doesn't mean you can't still come and see one of our team. If you want to talk to our Career Development and Employability Consultants, head over to MyCDES and book an appointment today or drop by and see us on level 1 of the Kate Edger Information Commons (opposite ANZ bank). 

I’m not sure how employable I am, is there somewhere I can find out?

Yes you can! Head over to MyCareer Check in MyCDES+ and take the short self assessment to see how you rate yourself. Don't forget to check out our job board for heaps of opportunities to help you gain work experience while you study 


How can I bookmark resources of interest to me?

Go the toolbar at the bottom and click on the Star icon. To bookmark a page please specify a name and click "Save". This will appear in "My Bookmarks".

How can I view all my bookmarked resources?

Go the toolbar at the bottom and click on the Star icon. Then click “My Bookmarks”


Will this site work on mobile devices?

All products and content will run on multiple devices (including desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile).

E-learning hub

How do I see my progress?

Go to the e-learning hub homepage and scroll down to My Progress


Videos do not play

If videos do not play, please contact the Abintegro Support team. Click the green help button on the right side of the window, provide details and select 'This is a technical issue' and Send

Can I download videos?

Unfortunately, due to license conditions and restrictions, videos cannot be downloaded.