How can Inclusive Learning help me?

Find out how we can transform your student experience.

Three female students working together on couches

Skills development

Inclusive Learning can work with you to develop your skills in:

  • Workload management and organisation.
  • Academic reading and writing.
  • Note-taking for study.
  • Test and exam preparation.
  • Research process management.

Neurodivergent wellbeing

We can enhance your wellbeing by supporting your academic milestones and goals and helping you manage neurodivergent challenges at university. 

Support to self-disclose your neurodivergence

We can help you seek assistance from academic staff. For example, we can provide a learning needs memo to share with your lecturers and/or tutors.

Assistive technology

We also recommend assistive technology such as read-aloud (text-to-speech) and voice recognition (speech-to-text) software. 

Inclusive learning support transformational: Meet Ruth Monk

Dr Ruth Monk

Student Disability Services referred Ruth into Inclusive Learning during their doctoral studies and that support proved transformational. Read about Ruth's success.