Concur Student Reimbursement

Find out how you can claim back on business or study related expenses through Concur.

If you have used your own money on behalf of the University for a business purpose or study related expense, you can be reimbursed for these expenses. It’s now easy to claim back these expenses via our reimbursement system Concur.

Please note this is not the same as getting a refund on fees. If you are seeking a refund, please refer to Fee refunds.

You can also download the Concur app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Please search for ‘SAP Concur’ to download the app.

Please note: You will need to carry out some important system profile set-up steps when you first log in to the Concur Desktop/Mobile App. Please check our Signing into Concur reference guide.

Documents needed for your reimbursement claim

When submitting a claim for expenses, please make sure you have the following documents ready to upload for your claim.

  • Valid (tax) invoices/receipts
  • A copy of your supervisor’s approval email (stating amount, type of expenses, cost centre/project codes)
  • A copy of your PReSS account balance retrieved on this claim’s submission date (if you are claiming from your PReSS account)

Your faculty may have other requirements additional to the above. Please confirm with your supervisor, Group Services team or department/school administrator.

We encourage you to include any documents that can support your claim.
For information on how to use Concur, check out our Quick Guide below.

Helpful FAQs

How can I request access to Concur?

If you are a Postgraduate/Ph.D student only, you need to

  • Log into Student Services Online -> Personal Bank Account;
  • Enter the bank account which the payment will be deposited to.

NB: The system will automatically grant you access within 2 business days, subject to that your bank account is entered by 6 p.m.

If you are an undergraduate student only, you need to

  • Log into Student Services Online -> Personal Bank Account;
  • Call Shared Transaction Centre 09 923 6410 after one business day subject to that your bank account is entered by 6 pm and STC will raise an IT ticket on behalf.

If you are a Ph.D. student and also employed as staff, you should have access to Concur when you are set up as an employee. However, to ensure the payment happens correctly, you need to enter your bank account via Student Service online before you submit your first* Student Reimbursement Claim.

NB: it’s up to you to enter the same bank account as your Payroll record or a different one.

*You are only required to enter your bank account once.

What should I do if I don’t have two factor authentication to log in to Concur?

To create a new token, please go to

There are step by step instructions on the above link, or for more information you can visit our website.

I’m a PhD student. What should I select as the report type for my claim?

If your claim is for study related expenses, please select Student reimbursement as the report type and enter the charge codes accordingly.

If your claim is for work related expenses, please select Employee reimbursement as the report type and enter the charge codes accordingly.

Where can I find out what my cost centre, project code or department code is?

If you are unsure what your cost centre, project code or department code is, please get in touch with either your supervisor, group services team, or associate finance business partners from your faculty or department.

The department code is a mandatory field. Please ensure you enter the correct code before submitting your claim.

If your project code is not applicable to your claim, please select ‘No Project’, and leave the product field blank.

Can I still submit a student reimbursement claim if I am currently overseas?

Due to system constraints, Concur claims can only be paid into NZD bank accounts. If you don’t have a NZ bank account, please submit an FS-91 form so we can process your claim.

When can I expect to receive my reimbursement?

If your claim is approved before the close of business on Tuesday, you will receive the reimbursement payment on Wednesday.

Can I claim MIQ costs through Concur?

You are unable to claim any MIQ costs through Concur. If the University agrees to contribute to your MIQ costs, please follow the PC banking process.

Please talk to your faculty or school administrator for more information.

I don’t know what ‘Project Activity’ & ‘Source Type’ are. What do I do?

In most cases, you just need to click the field and select ‘No Activity’ and ‘No Source Type’

More information

You can find more information on student reimbursement on AskAuckland

If you have any enquiries on how to use Concur, please contact STC on 09 923 6410 extension 86410.